merch roundup 1.27.22

Merchandise Roundup 1/27/22: New Spring Apparel, ‘Winnie the Pooh’ Charm Bracelet, ‘Cinderella’ Earrings, & More

Welcome to the merchandise roundup for January 27, 2022! Each new day brings new merchandise to Walt Disney World, and we know you don’t want to miss a thing, so we gather new releases here. Today we visited EPCOT and Disney Springs; let’s look at our discoveries.

“Cinderella” Bird Earrings – $29.99

jewelry wdw 0
jewelry wdw 1

Never be without the iconic blue birds from “Cinderella,” now in earring-form.

jewelry wdw 2
jewelry wdw 3
jewelry wdw 4
jewelry wdw 6

We found these jewelry sets in World of Disney at Disney Springs.

Winnie the Pooh Bracelet – $29.99

jewelry wdw 7
jewelry wdw 8

We also found this beautiful gold Winnie the Pooh charm bracelet.

jewelry wdw 9
jewelry wdw 10

The charms consist of Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, a jar of “hunny,” and a little medallion that reads “silly old bear.”

jewelry wdw 11
jewelry wdw 13
jewelry wdw 14

Spider-Man Boxer Shorts – $19.99

merch roundup 01.27.22 0

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we found these Spider-Man boxer shorts with a pattern of Spider-Man heads in the shape of hearts.

merch roundup 01.27.22 1
merch roundup 01.27.22 2

Marvel Pants – $49.99

merch roundup 01.27.22 4
merch roundup 01.27.22 5

We also found these new sweatpants that has a pattern of the Marvel logo with various Marvel characters.

merch roundup 01.27.22 6
merch roundup 01.27.22 7

This apparel and the Spider-Man figure below were also in World of Disney.

Spider-Man Special Collector Edition Action Figure – $29.99

merch roundup 01.27.22 10

We found this Spider-Man Special Collector Edition Action Figure with interchangeable hands.

merch roundup 01.27.22 11
merch roundup 01.27.22 12
merch roundup 01.27.22 13

“Relax and Recharge” Tee – $24.99

merch roundup 01.27.22 15

Relax and recharge with this new comfy Mickey Mouse t-shirt.

merch roundup 01.27.22 16
merch roundup 01.27.22 17

Long-Sleeved Mickey Tee – $44.99

merch roundup 01.27.22 19

Next to the “relax and recharge” tee, we also saw this new light yellow long-sleeved Mickey Mouse shirt.

merch roundup 01.27.22 20

Mickey Mouse is embroidered on the left breast.

merch roundup 01.27.22 21

Another image of Mickey is on one sleeve and the Walt Disney World logo is on the other.

merch roundup 01.27.22 22
merch roundup 01.27.22 23

Orange Bird Tee – $36.99

merch roundup 01.27.22 25

We also found this new Orange Bird t-shirt.

merch roundup 01.27.22 26

It’s a bright yellow color with an image of Orange Bird on the front and “100% Sunshine” printed in orange.

merch roundup 01.27.22 27

Tie-Dye Crop Top – $39.99

merch roundup 01.27.22 36

This crop top and the matching sweatpants below were in Creations Shop at EPCOT.

merch roundup 01.27.22 37

The top has the Walt Disney World logo and Minnie Mouse embroidered on the front.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
merch roundup 01.27.22 38

It consists of a tie-dye pattern of pretty pastel colors of pink, purple, yellow, and orange. This will be perfect for spring time.

merch roundup 01.27.22 39

It also has “Minnie” embroidered on the sleeve.

merch roundup 01.27.22 40

Tie-Dye Sweatpants – $49.99

merch roundup 01.27.22 42
merch roundup 01.27.22 43

The sweatpants have a matching pattern with the Walt Disney World logo running down the leg and another embroidery of Minnie Mouse.

merch roundup 01.27.22 44

“Minnie” is also embroidered towards the top of the pants.

merch roundup 01.27.22 45
merch roundup 01.27.22 46
merch roundup 01.27.22 47

There is one back pocket.

merch roundup 01.27.22 48

Winnie the Pooh Display Board – $39.99

merch roundup 10 3

We found this Winnie the Pooh display board in World of Disney at Disney Springs. It is part of the Winnie the Pooh home collection.

merch roundup 11 3

We first found it over at Disneyland Resort.

merch roundup 12 3

The board says “look what I made.”

merch roundup 13 3

The four clips on a wire are shaped like Winnie the Pooh’s face, a “hunny” pot, a rainbow, and a bee.

merch roundup 14 3
merch roundup 15 3

Baymax Shirt – $36.99

Over at DisneyStyle, we found this matching Baymax set.

merch roundup 17 3

We first saw these at Disneyland Resort.

merch roundup 18 2

The shirt is white with a blue collar.

merch roundup 19 2

Baymax is on the front waving and it says “Hello, I am Baymax” in the corner.

merch roundup 20 2
merch roundup 21 2

Baymax Sweatpants – $44.99

merch roundup 23 2
merch roundup 24 2

The sweatpants are grey with “Baymax” in bubble letters on one leg.

merch roundup 25 2
merch roundup 26

The lettering is graffiti-style, with sprays of pink and teal in a few spots.

merch roundup 27
merch roundup 28

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