Out of the Wild Closing Permanently at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Being Replaced with Vending Machines

After walls were put over merchandise display shelves, we now know Out of the Wild at Disney’s Animal Kingdom will be permanently closing later this month.


The small outdoor shop is located at Rafiki’s Planet Watch near the Affection Section. It will reportedly be replaced with seating and vending machines.

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  1. Now vending machines, what’s next automated pin trading machines? Will robots ever see the value in human interaction? Not while Chapek is around, because of course he is a robot.

    1. During a global pandemic people still wishing to flock to places like Disney World for comfort. When they look to make it safe for you and your family you choose to see them as monsters. I’m certain they would prefer interaction, they would sell more. Yet they are still trying to offer you the items you are used to having on your trips to a magical place. Maybe you can make it ugly or make it happy, the choice it’s up to you. Or stay home? Have a magical day.

    2. Major retail.chains are now going g to self service registers. This is the future. I remember teachers telling our classes back in the 80s that this was going to happen. Nothing new. If people don’t want to work businesses need to find ways to adjust. The place was always dead when I went so why staff it

  2. Hate to see this area become a faceless corner. I had some lovely conversations with the cast members that worked in this area. The prices continue to rise but the things that made Disney stand out are being eroded away.

  3. Just making the experience more and more like a traveling carnival where they milk every last penny from visitors.

  4. Keep it up Disney, what use to be a magical experience is becoming a very overpriced technology nightmare. With the Disney Genie, mobile food ordering, magic bands, paying to get on the bigger rides so you don’t have to wait in 2 hrs lines, reservations to eat at a restaurant 2 months before your trip, it just doesn’t stop. Now vending machines. Walt is rolling over in his grave.

  5. I have been to WDW seven times and have been looking forward to going again soon. Every day I see more changes for the worse and I’m feeling less inclined to return to feel the loss of the truly wonderful times I had in the past. Questioning.

  6. This makes me sad. We finally were able to get passes again after 3 years.
    AK is our 2nd fav.
    I was sad to see that Rafiki’s planet watch had a few things gone since we last went 3 years ago.
    We’re the nerds that loved the Sounds of the Rainforest.
    We also loved the “Poo” collection and information.
    We aren’t really into the new animation class so we were disappointed in am area we once loved so much.
    This gift shop was one of them.

  7. There is a huge supply chain. Shortage which is onky going to get worse and a shortage of workers. Shutting down a small outside shop is nothing. Retailers sre starting to use more and more self service type places. Nothing new.

    1. I can guarantee there is no shortage of workers happening there, and also there has been more merchandise coming back into the shops, so there was no reason to close the location.

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