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PHOTOS: New ‘Mary Poppins,’ ‘Cinderella,’ Tinker Bell, and More Kitchenware Arrives at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A few new kitchenware items have arrived at Celebrity 5 & 10 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Let’s take a look.

First, we saw this adorable new Mickey Mouse food-themed kitchenware collection.

Mickey Mouse Cupcake Oven Mitt – $14.99

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This adorable new oven mitt is in the shape of a cupcake.

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Mickey Mouse Cupcake Kitchen Towel – $19.99

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There are also these kitchen towels to match.

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The towel features a cherry pie with the cherries being in the shape of a hidden Mickey.

kitchenware 14

There is also a Mickey Mouse cupcake on the other side.

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These towels have a sort of faded plaid pattern.

Mickey Mouse Food Apron – $34.99

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There is also an apron to match.

kitchenware 17

The apron features the same pattern as the towels.

kitchenware 18

You can see the cherry pie, cupcakes, more Mickey icons, as well as Minnie’s bow throughout the pattern.

kitchenware 19

It ties in the back with a pink bow.

‘Cinderella’ Apron – $34.99

kitchenware 20

We also saw this new “Cinderella” apron.

kitchenware 21

It is a light blue color and features Cinderella’s mice and bird friends, including Jaq and Gus.

kitchenware 22
kitchenware 23

It ties in the back with a white bow.

“Cinderella” Kitchen Towel – $19.99

kitchenware 32

There is also a kitchen towel to match.

kitchenware 33

On the towel, it says, “Make the fire, fix the breakfast, wash the dishes, do the mopping, and the sweeping, and the dusting” which are lyrics from The Work Song in “Cinderella.”

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“Mary Poppins” Apron – $34.99

kitchenware 24

There is also a “Mary Poppins” apron in white, gray, and black. You can see an outline of Mary at the top with “just a spoonful of sugar” embroidered in black cursive across her.

kitchenware 25

The bottom of the dress has a striped pattern with an embroidery of three kites.

kitchenware 26

An image of the penguin waiters are on the bottom of the dress.

kitchenware 27

It ties in the back with a gray bow.

“Mary Poppins” Kitchen Towel – $19.99

kitchenware 29

And of course, there is a kitchen towel to match.

kitchenware 30

This towel is white with the same image of the penguin waiters.

kitchenware 31

And on the other side is the outline of Mary with a spoonful of sugar and “just a spoonful of sugar” in black cursive.

MouseWares Measuring Cup – $24.99

kitchenware 35

We spotted this new glass measuring cup, part of the MouseWares home collection.

kitchenware 36

It is a clear glass measuring cup with rainbow Mickeys signifying the measurements.

kitchenware 37

It has a red rubber handle.

kitchenware 38
kitchenware 39

Tinker Bell Oven Mitt – $14.99

kitchenware 41

We also spotted this Tinker Bell oven mitt and matching towel. We first saw these over at Disneyland.

kitchenware 42

Tinker Bell Kitchen Towel – $19.99

kitchenware 44

The matching towel says “all you need is pixie dust.”

kitchenware 45

Mickey Mouse Pot Holder – $22.99

kitchenware 46

We also saw this new metal pot holder in the shape of a Mickey head.

kitchenware 47

All of these can be found at Celebrity 5 & 10 in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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