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REVIEW: Cute Souvenirs, Delicious Desserts, & Decent Burger Make Duffy’s Wonderful Voyage Food a Success in Cape Cod Cook-Off at Tokyo DisneySea

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Ahoy from Cape Cod! With Duffy and Mickey bringing it back to the basics this winter with the new Duffy’s Wonderful Voyage line also comes a slew of new souvenir food items and a fresh new burger at Cape Cod Cook-Off, so naturally we dropped anchor to check it all out!

TDS DuffysWonderfulVoyageFood 1

Cape Cod Cook-Off First Prize Set (Cheese Cream & Basil Burger) – ¥1290 ($11.16)

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¥1290 nets you this Cream Cheese & Basil Burger along with fries and a soft drink.

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The burger is quite striking, with a mostly white glob of cheese cream (not cream cheese) slopped over a patty. While burgers are certainly Tokyo Disney Resort’s culinary weakness, they do have some that muster enough to not warrant immediate dismissal. This burger has a novel proposition, and delivers well with plenty of oozy, gooey cheese cream and delicious, savory basil that combine to mask the mediocre bun and overdone, thin patty. For that reason, I say don’t shy away from trying this one. I’d eat it again for sure, but it wouldn’t be my first choice in this park.

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At least the burgers still come in these cute wrappers featuring the four original Duffy friends!

Souvenir Lunch Case – +¥1200 ($10.38)

TDS DuffysWonderfulVoyageFood 7

With the purchase of any set at Cape Cod Cook-Off, guests can also get this neat canvas lunch case themed to Duffy’s Wonderful Voyage. The front side features the key art for the event, with Mickey and Duffy sitting in front of a globe.

TDS DuffysWonderfulVoyageFood 8

On the reverse are three vignettes of Mickey and Duffy on their adventures together, as depicted in the still-not-back “My Friend Duffy” show within Cape Cod Cook-Off.

TDS DuffysWonderfulVoyageFood 9

The lining inside is lovely too, with Mickey silhouettes dotting images of seagulls, sailboats, the lighthouse outside the restaurant, and other nautical icons.

CookieAnn Drink – ¥700 ($6.05)

TDS DuffysWonderfulVoyageFood 10

Full disclosure, this is not how it comes served. I waited a bit too long to take these pictures and spent my time with the food first, so the toppings melted a bit.

TDS DuffysWonderfulVoyageFood 11
TDS DuffysWonderfulVoyageFood 12

The drink itself is an orange and tea jelly sparkling drink with actual orange slices at the bottom and a Stroopwafel on top balancing a little dollop of whipped cream with a candy pink bow to represent CookieAnn.

TDS DuffysWonderfulVoyageFood 13

This drink is nothing if not a strange combination, made even more confusing by the caramel Stroopwafel which quickly melts into the drink if you’re not fast to pull it out and eat it yourself. And of course the orange drink only serves to make the caramel wafer cookie treat even more of a conflicting flavor. The orange slices are a nice touch, and it tastes fine, mostly like orange juice with jelly, but this drink is just profoundly weird and I can’t recommend it to anyone in particular. It’s not bad, just very, very different.

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Caramel Muffin with Souvenir Plate – ¥940 ($8.13)

TDS DuffysWonderfulVoyageFood 15

The muffin itself is nothing particularly stunning, it’s the same dessert served for a while with other Duffy plates.

TDS DuffysWonderfulVoyageFood 14

The plate is ceramic as always and features the event’s key art.

There’s not much to say about the muffin, it reminded me most of a grocery store mini-cupcake in the US with a little bit of chocolate icing. I didn’t detect a whole lot of caramel, though. It’s not particularly bad or good, it’ll be just fine for most. The plate is probably what you’re after anyway,

Caramel & Cheese Mousse with Souvenir Mug – ¥940 ($8.13)

TDS DuffysWonderfulVoyageFood 16
TDS DuffysWonderfulVoyageFood 17
TDS DuffysWonderfulVoyageFood 18

The mousse was by far the cutest of the bunch simply by nature of the adorable chocolate anchor with a Mickey silhouette on top. The rest of the dessert consists of the mousse, topped by a surprisingly solid slab of caramel atop some whipped cream.

TDS DuffysWonderfulVoyageFood 19
TDS DuffysWonderfulVoyageFood 20
TDS DuffysWonderfulVoyageFood 21

The mug features the same key art as the lunch case, with Mickey and Duffy on their adventures together.

The mousse itself has a fluffy consistency and a delicious burnt caramel flavor with a hidden strawberry core that adds a nice sweet touch to this mostly-savory dessert lineup. Plus the cup is super cute too, I love it all and recommend this most out of the souvenir sets!

You can find these sets and souvenirs at Cape Cod Cook-Off while supplies last, so be sure to drop anchor on your next voyage around Tokyo DisneySea! Will you be trying the new Duffy’s Wonderful Voyage items? Let us know in the comments below!

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