REVIEW: Sour Cherry Pretzel Puts a Fun Twist on a Classic Treat at Disneyland


REVIEW: Sour Cherry Pretzel Puts a Fun Twist on a Classic Treat at Disneyland

When we saw the nearby cart in Tomorrowland at Disneyland had a pretzel to match the Sour Cherry Churro we just savored, we had to give it a try.

sour cherry pretzel 1

Sour Cherry Pretzel – $7.75

Cream cheese-filled pretzel with sour cherry sugar

sour cherry pretzel 4

The pretzel is the standard cream cheese-filled version the parks have served for years, simply covered in that pinkish-red sugar that also accompanies the churro.

sour cherry pretzel 6

We had high hopes for the pretzel as it is located just steps away from the Sour Cherry Churro. In this case, our first bites drew little of the advertised flavor. However, if you flip the pretzel over and let the sugar hit your tongue first, you’ll get the desired effect.

sour cherry pretzel 2

You’ll get that tart cherry flavor, followed by soft pretzel bread and slightly sweet cream cheese.

sour cherry pretzel 3
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It wasn’t quite as amazing as the churro, but still, a valiant effort and worth a try if you typically like these pretzels.

Will you try the new Sour Cherry Pretzel? Let us know in the comments.

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