guests at lagoon
Source: @PrincessMel2 on Twitter

Guests Climb Down and Smoke in Off-Limits Area at Edge of World Showcase Lagoon in EPCOT

Twitter user @PrincessMel2 has shared a photo of two guests who scaled the fence near the China Pavilion at EPCOT and climbed down next to the World Showcase Lagoon.

guests at lagoon
Source: @PrincessMel2 on Twitter

In the picture, which was posted at 4:53 p.m. on January 30, the two guests are standing on a lip at the edge of the lagoon, against a brick wall. One of the lagoon torches is in front of them.

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Of course, guests should not attempt such feats as this could be extremely dangerous and result in being kicked out of the park. As @PrincessMel2 joked in the replies to her tweet, “[T]here’s no [F]igment popcorn buckets down there.”

The guests also appear to be smoking, which is not permitted inside Disney Parks.

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  1. Smoking and vaping materials should not be allowed in the parks. Companion bathrooms are frequently unusable by those of us with disabilities and asthma because of the smokers who use them as private smoking rooms. People need to realize that secondhand smoke is a common cause of asthma attacks and thousands die every year from asthma attacks.

  2. And hopefully they were there after escorted to a security office, tickets revoked and a no trespass order filed with Orange County Sheriff’s Office! Doing the (obvious) wrong thing should have consequences.

  3. Does Security not confront these schmucks??? Or are they waiting for the new robotic guards to step in? Obnoxious, “rules don’t apply to me” incidents are becoming WAY too numerous at WDW and everywhere else. The more jerks that get away with it, the more other jackasses are encouraged to break the rules. Kick their butts out and ban them for life.

  4. An outdoor smoking ban at Disney World is absolutely insane. As a considerate smoker I fully understand indoor bans and even designated smoking sections, but it is unacceptable to ban a legal act that is enjoyed by billions of people around the world. More catering to the snobbery of the woke generation is all this is and there is no good reason for it. These two should have picked a less stupid place to light up though and I am sure once Disney identifies them they will be banned from the parks.

    1. I don’t smoke but I 100% AGREE with you… there should be designated smoking area in open areas …

  5. Disney Can Afford to put in hidden smoking areas that are enclosed and vetilated… just saying I know smoking is bad but I feel this guests drama! you literally have to walk miles for a camel… lol also pot will be legal soon enough and I feel they should have that available too for people with recomendations!

  6. More entitled idiots. Over the last few years people have been even more brazen about breaking rules. Should have pointed it out to cast members and have them kicked out. Disney is at its best when everyone follows the rules. There is very little room for error. It kills the magic.

  7. Don’t be such a jerk. Some people still smoke. Why do you have to get your nose in it. They obviously went to extremes for their smokes. Just go about your day without having to butt in.

  8. No one, absolutely no one should be allowed to smoke in Disney. They should be thrown out of the Park and restricted from ever returning.

  9. I don’t smoke but my girlfriend does, so it’s a major pain to have to go out the park, especially a large one like Epcot and Animal Kingdom. With covid still amongst us and all the new hoops you have to jump through now, a Disney vacation is not a worthwhile thing anymore. I still love Disney World, but there are easier places to go.

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