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BREAKING: Masks No Longer Required for Any Guests at Universal Orlando Resort

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Effective tomorrow, Universal Orlando Resort will change another COVID-19 related policy. They have announced that masks will no longer be required for any guests. This follows the news that the resort will not require vaccinated Team Members to wear masks.

Previously, Universal required all guests to wear masks indoors. That included all attractions and their queues.

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The new policy encourages unvaccinated guests to wear masks indoors. Pictured above is the previous rule requiring masks, but we expect to see updated signage when the policy goes into effect tomorrow. Universal requires unvaccinated Team Members to do so.

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This is the latest in a long series of changes to the face mask policies. Universal Orlando Resort is private property and reserves the right to set their own policies independently of community policies.

Various mask policies have been in place as part of the safety measures since the parks reopened in June 2021. It is one of the last pandemic protocols remaining after Universal removed temperature checks and distancing requirements. The resort has adjusted the mask policies on and off in accordance with local case numbers and based on advice from the CDC.

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  1. Universal is really getting into the competive mode vs Disney. I would like to see Disney do something thats good. Disney needs to bring back more live entertainment. A lot o Live Entertainment is still missing.

    Chris Porto

  2. believe this information is accurate. universal Orlando has not required vaccinated guests to wear masks indoors. Walt Disney World is the park that has still unexplainably beenrequiring masks indoors since last July. universal never reinstated that rule in Florida.

  3. Great. Vax rate is 65% in Florida so 35% will surely be wearing their masks, right? Only way you fix this is requiring proof of vaccination. If you are afraid of getting a shot, stay home.

  4. If any of these places, WDW and Universal included, were truly “following the science” as they claim, they would have done away with mask requirements a long time ago. It is now abundantly clear masks don’t do jack to slow the spread. The ridiculous rules around masking made no sense – e.g. required while standing on line but not while seated at a restaurant. It is all hygiene theater that has no relevance anymore.

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