For the First Time in Forever, Anna & Elsa are Meeting Again in the Royal Sommerhus at EPCOT

For the first time in forever, Anna and Elsa are meeting again in their Royal Sommerhus at EPCOT. This is the first time the Royal Sommerhus has been open since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The queue line is still wonderfully themed as you walk through the Royal Sommerhus.

There are wood carvings of Anna and Elsa from when they were children.

Beautiful decor pieces like paintings, banners, and violins are hung up.

Elsa was in great spirits when we walked in.

Both Anna and Elsa are still adorning their outfits from “Frozen 2.”

And Queen Anna was as excited as ever to be greeting guests again.

Just like all meet and greets at Walt Disney World, Anna and Elsa are still physically-distanced away from guests and behind a rope. But you are still able to take photos and talk with them.

Check out our video of us talking with Anna and Elsa, as well as a full walk-through of the Royal Sommerhus:

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  1. Looking at this all I want to do is shake my head.

    People despise the sequel and what it did to its characters and also their sequel costumes don’t fit in the area (the area is before frozen 2) so it makes no sense why they continue to insist on bringing out the sequel costumes.

    If I was Disney I just give up on the sequel, it saves time and embarrassment.

  2. “Just like all meet and greets at Walt Disney World, Anna and Elsa are still physically-distanced away from guests and behind a rope.”

    When will this insanity end? I can’t people are willing to wait in long lines just to OBSERVE characters from a “safe” distance as if they were at a zoo!

    1. I know. It makes me roll my eyes.

      I mean I understand kids sometimes wanting to meet the characters.

      But more often than not I feel that the kids are more or less forced to see the characters by the parents when all the kids want is to ride the rides. (True story! I was at Disney and I saw an adult practically dragging their kids to see Mickey all the while the kids cried because they wanted to go on a ride…. I have seen this happen so many times it’s not funny…. Oh and this other time when adults bring babies over to Disney in the middle of a summer heat forcing them to wait on a hot and sunny line to see a character while the poor babies are miserable and crying cause it’s not, I mean come on! The baby is not going to remember the character! What they will remember is that they were hot and miserable (and I am pretty sure they had a bad sunburn at the end of the day)

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