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Merchandise Roundup 2/10/22: Spring Apparel, New ‘Hawkeye’ Merchandise, ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Starship, and More

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Welcome to the merchandise roundup for February 10, 2022! Each new day brings new merchandise to Walt Disney World, and we know you don’t want to miss a thing, so we gather new releases here. Today we visited Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs; let’s look at our discoveries.

Mickey Soap Dispenser – $22.99

soap dispenser 0

This soap dispenser — which does not include soap — is white with three sets of black lines encircling it.

soap dispenser 1
soap dispenser 2

Mickey heads sit in squares on the lines. The cap is black.

soap dispenser 3

Minnie Mouse Pad – $12.99

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 0

This “mouse” pad is covered in muted pink, yellow, blue, and green flowers with Mickey heads, and images of Minnie Mouse lounging around.

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 1
merchandise roundup 02.10.22 2

Minnie Mouse Bottle – $27.99

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 3

Minnie’s face is peeking out of the bottom of this bottle against a blue background.

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 4
merchandise roundup 02.10.22 5

She’s surrounded by images of plants and colorful polka dots.

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 6
merchandise roundup 02.10.22 7
merchandise roundup 02.10.22 8

The cap is light blue and pink.

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 9

It has a pop-up straw.

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 10
merchandise roundup 02.10.22 12

We found a new set of Mickey and friends clothing.

Mickey and Friends Sweatpants – $49.99

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 13

These heather grey sweatpants have blue and red stripes at the waistband.

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 14

There’s a drawstring for an adjustable waist.

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 15

Mickey and friends run down the right leg in colorful circles.

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 16

Mickey and Friends Sleep Set – $49.99

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 17

This shirt matches the sweatpants but also comes with a pair of shorts.

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 18

Mickey is leaning against a yellow “M” on the front above the words “Mickey and Friends.” Minnie, Pluto, and Donald are pictured in circles above the “M.”

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 19

The sleeves are striped with blue.

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 21

The shorts are red with a blue drawstring.

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 22

They’re patterned all over with Mickey and friends.

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 23

Spring Break 2022 Mickey Tee – $24.99

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 25

This tee has Mickey lounging on a beach at sunset with the words “Spring Break 2022” around him.

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 26
merchandise roundup 02.10.22 27

“Good Luck Charm” Mickey Tee – $24.99

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 29

Get ready for St. Patrick’s Day with this green shirt.

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 30

Mickey is pictured in green holding a four-leaf clover. “Good Luck Charm” is in white letters around him.

merchandise roundup 02.10.22 31

All of the above items were in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

Original Mickey Long Sleeve – $34.99

merch roundup 2.10.22 1

Over at World of Disney in Disney Springs, we found a bunch of new apparel items and toys. Let’s take a look.

merch roundup 2.10.22 2

This long-sleeve top is collared at the top and has an embroidery of Mickey Mouse on the left breast with “Original Mickey” embroidered around him.

merch roundup 2.10.22 3
merch roundup 2.10.22 4

It is light blue and white. It also has the number 28 stitched on the right sleeve, which indicates the year that Mickey Mouse was born.

merch roundup 2.10.22 5
merch roundup 2.10.22 6

“Hawkeye” Sweatshirt – $54.99

merch roundup 2.10.22 8

We also spotted this new “Hawkeye” zip-up sweatshirt.

merch roundup 2.10.22 9

It has the Hawkeye icon on the front in purple. The sleeves are also purple.

merch roundup 2.10.22 10

It has two pockets on the front.

merch roundup 2.10.22 11
merch roundup 2.10.22 12

On the back of the sweatshirt is the design of a bullseye.

merch roundup 2.10.22 13
merch roundup 2.10.22 14

“Hawkeye” Marvel Select Action Figure – $29.99

merch roundup 2.10.22 16

To go along with the sweatshirt, there is also this new Marvel Select action figure of Hawkeye himself, Clint Barton.

merch roundup 2.10.22 17

Just like most Marvel Select action figures, the head is interchangeable and Clint also comes with a few accessories, including toy weapons and his bow, of course.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
merch roundup 2.10.22 18

Clint also comes with his new canine companion, Lucky, as seen in the “Hawkeye” series on Disney+.

“Hawkeye” T-shirt – $24.99

merch roundup 2.10.22 19

There is also this new “Hawkeye” t-shirt with an image of Clint (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) from the series on the front.

merch roundup 2.10.22 20

It is a grey t-shirt with Clint and Kate in a purple design on a down-facing arrow.

merch roundup 2.10.22 21

The “Hawkeye” logo is on the bottom of the shirt with the “Hawkeye” icon on the sleeve.

merch roundup 2.10.22 22
merch roundup 2.10.22 23

“Frozen 2” Silver Youth Jacket – $44.99

merch roundup 2.10.22 25

We also found a couple of new “Frozen 2” apparel items for kids.

merch roundup 2.10.22 26

This first jacket is shiny and silver with a couple of embellishments from “Frozen 2.”

merch roundup 2.10.22 27

The lining on the inside is a white, blue, and pink sketch design of Anna and Elsa.

merch roundup 2.10.22 28
merch roundup 2.10.22 29

The jacket cinches in at the waist and has cute, flared sleeves.

merch roundup 2.10.22 30

It also has a hood.

merch roundup 2.10.22 31

“Frozen 2” Purple Youth Jacket – $49.99

merch roundup 2.10.22 33

This other jacket is purple with a pattern of the element symbols from “Frozen 2.”

merch roundup 2.10.22 34

It zips in the front with a snowflake on the zipper pull.

merch roundup 2.10.22 35

On the inside lining is an image of Anna and Elsa holding hands from a scene at the end of “Frozen 2.”

merch roundup 2.10.22 36

The jacket has two pockets in the front with an adorable ruffle lining the shoulders.

merch roundup 2.10.22 37

“Frozen 2” Youth Dress – $39.99

merch roundup 2.10.22 39

This dress is an interesting design with a white cover-up over top.

merch roundup 2.10.22 40

The white cover-up is see-through with a diamond design.

merch roundup 2.10.22 41

The dress underneath is sleeveless with the same sketch pattern of Anna and Elsa as the lining on the inside of the silver jacket.

merch roundup 2.10.22 42

Mickey Mouse Mug – $22.99

merch roundup 2.10.22 44

A new Mickey Mouse-themed home collection recently released at Walt Disney World. And the newest addition is this mug.

merch roundup 2.10.22 45
merch roundup 2.10.22 46

It’s a white good-sized mug with a pattern of royal blue Mickey Mouse heads.

merch roundup 2.10.22 47

Disney’s All-Star Resorts Pin – $9.99

merch roundup 2.10.22 49

At Disney’s Pin Traders, we found this new pin representing all three of the Disney All-Star resorts — Sports, Movies, and Music.

merch roundup 2.10.22 50

Baymax T-shirt – $36.99

Over in DisneyStyle, we found this new Baymax t-shirt.

merch roundup 2.10.22 53

This very comfy-looking t-shirt is white with red lining.

merch roundup 2.10.22 54

On the front is an image of Baymax with Mochi, the cat.

merch roundup 2.10.22 55

“Hugs all day every day!” are in balloon letters around Baymax and Mochi.

merch roundup 2.10.22 57

Space Mountain T-shirt – $24.99

merch roundup 2.10.22 58

New Tomorrowland-themed apparel was recently released and the newest addition is this black Space Mountain t-shirt.

merch roundup 2.10.22 59

A sketch image of Space Mountain is on the front underneath a starry sky. Underneath, it says “Space Mountain, Flights departing daily from Tomorrowland.”

merch roundup 2.10.22 61

Boba Fett’s Starship – $14.99

merch roundup 2.10.22 62

At Star Wars Galactic Outpost, a new toy just landed from “The Book of Boba Fett.”

merch roundup 2.10.22 63
merch roundup 2.10.22 64

This new die cast vehicle is of Boba Fett’s Starship.

merch roundup 2.10.22 66
merch roundup 2.10.22 67

Which of these new items was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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