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Merchandise Roundup 2/15/22: Mickey Home Collection, ‘Encanto’ Plush, New Pins, and More

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Welcome to the merchandise roundup for February 15, 2022! Each new day brings new merchandise to Walt Disney World, and we know you don’t want to miss a thing, so we gather new releases here. Today we visited Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Let’s look at our discoveries.

“Be Happy” Succulent Pot – $24.99

merch roundup 2.14.22 2

A fake succulent comes in this white pot that has “be happy” etched on the side.

merch roundup 2.14.22 3
merch roundup 2.14.22 4

The fake succulent sits in a bed of small stones.

merch roundup 2.14.22 5
merch roundup 2.14.22 6

Mickey’s head is on the other side of the pot.

merch roundup 2.14.22 7
merch roundup 2.14.22 8

It includes a wood base. This was in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

U.K. Characters Keychain – $12.99

merch roundup 2.14.22 10

This keychain has charms for all your favorite British Disney characters.

merch roundup 2.14.22 11

There are charms of Alice, Pongo and Perdita, Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, and Tinker Bell. There’s also a charm of the Union Jack.

merch roundup 2.14.22 12
merch roundup 2.14.22 13

This was in the U.K. Pavilion at EPCOT.

U.K. Pavilion “Brilliant” Minnie Mug – $24.99

UK Pavilion Minnie Brilliant Mug 10

This scallop style mug representing the United Kingdom Pavilion at EPCOT stars Minnie Mouse.

UK Pavilion Minnie Brilliant Mug 9

The front of the cup features Minnie’s head made of flowers and topped with a Union Jack bow.

UK Pavilion Minnie Brilliant Mug 8
UK Pavilion Minnie Brilliant Mug 6

More flowers adorn the mug.

UK Pavilion Minnie Brilliant Mug 5

Minnie is on the back (or front, if you’re left-handed) with a Union Jack dress and a crown.

UK Pavilion Minnie Brilliant Mug 4
UK Pavilion Minnie Brilliant Mug 3

The scalloped edges have gold trim.

Limited Release Valentine’s Day Pin – $17.99

merch roundup 2.14.22 15

This year’s Valentine’s Day pin features Cinderella and Prince Charming, dancing with their castle in the background.

merch roundup 2.14.22 16

Two of Cinderella’s bird friends lift blue ribbons around them. This was in Pin Traders at EPCOT.

Tea Party Princess Cinderella Pin – $19.99

princess tea party cinderella pin 1

This Princess Tea Party pin pays homage to Cinderella with a glass slipper.

princess tea party cinderella pin 4

The teapot and cup are in signature Cinderella Blue.

princess tea party cinderella pin 6

This pin is a Limited Edition of 2000.

Pocahontas Beautiful Florals Pin – $ 19.99

pochahontas pin beautiful florals 3

We had previously spotted this pin over on the west coast at Disneyland Park.

pochahontas pin beautiful florals 4

The sunflower opens to reveal a colorful Pocahontas scene with the protagonist holding a sunflower.

pochahontas pin beautiful florals 5
pochahontas pin beautiful florals 1

The “Beautiful Florals” Series is a Limited Edition with a size of 4,000.

Belle Beautiful Florals Pin – $19.99

belle pin beautiful florals 2

The rose version of the beautiful florals pin opens to reveal Belle.

belle pin beautiful florals 3

A colorful Belle emerges from the rosette, holding a rose and surrounded by a sparkling rose background.

belle pin beautiful florals 1

The “Beautiful Florals” Series is a Limited Edition with a size of 4,000.

Disney Arcade Pinball Pin – $29.99

pinball pin 4

This Toy Story pinball pin is from the Disney Arcade collection.

pinball pin 1

The Disney Arcade collection is set to release one pin per quarter at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

pinball pin 3

The pin is a Limited Edition of 1500.

Darth Vader Gingerbread Plush – $26.99

gingerbread vader plush 1

Gingerbread Darth Vader is late for the holidays.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
gingerbread vader plush 4
gingerbread vader plush 6
gingerbread vader plush 5
gingerbread vader plush 3

White Mickey Mug – $19.99

merch roundup 2.14.22 18

Two new mugs have joined the black-and-white housewares collection in Creations Shop at EPCOT.

merch roundup 2.14.22 19

This one is white with a gold handle.

merch roundup 2.14.22 20
merch roundup 2.14.22 21

Mickey heads are embossed all over it.

merch roundup 2.14.22 22

Black Mickey Mug – $19.99

merch roundup 2.14.22 24

This second mug is black also with a gold handle. It is also covered in Mickey heads and diamond designs.

merch roundup 2.14.22 25

Mickey Mouse Bowl – $19.99

mickey mouse bowl 2
mickey mouse bowl 3
mickey mouse bowl 4
mickey mouse bowl 5
mickey mouse bowl 6
mickey mouse bowl 1

Mickey Wreath – $59.99

merch roundup 2.14.22 27

This wreath is Mickey-shaped.

merch roundup 2.14.22 28

It’s covered in faux green stems and a black-and-white gingham bow is in the center.

merch roundup 2.14.22 29

This was also in Creations Shop.

Mickey Baseball Cap – $29.99

merch roundup 2.14.22 32

This cap is black with Mickey’s face embroidered on the front in white.

merch roundup 2.14.22 33
merch roundup 2.14.22 34
merch roundup 2.14.22 35

A “Mouse” tag is near the back.

merch roundup 2.14.22 36

We found this in Creations Shop.

merch roundup 2.14.22 37

The underside of the brim is white and covered with Mickey faces.

merch roundup 2.14.22 38

This is part of the Disney Artist Series and is designed by Deborah Salles.

merch roundup 2.14.22 39

Check out more of Deborah Salles’ collection.

“Love” Baseball Cap – $29.99

merch roundup 2.14.22 41

This pink cap has “love” embroidered on the front.

merch roundup 2.14.22 42

The “o” is replaced by a Mickey head.

merch roundup 2.14.22 43
merch roundup 2.14.22 44
merch roundup 2.14.22 45

This was in Big Top Souvenirs at Magic Kingdom.

Chewbacca Pen – $12.99

chewbacca pen 0

We found Chewbacca pen in Tatooine Traders at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

chewbacca pen 1

It’s shaped like a full Chewbacca figure and his legs come off to reveal the pen.

chewbacca pen 2
chewbacca pen 3
chewbacca pen 4
chewbacca pen 5
chewbacca pen 6

We also found this unique souvenir at Disneyland.

Minnie Mouse Tote Bag – $39.99

minnie tote 8

This simple black tote has Minnie’s face embossed on one side.

minnie tote 9
minnie tote 10

The inside is white with a pattern of red Minnie heads.

minnie tote 11

There’s a small zip pocket inside.

minnie tote 12
minnie tote 13

This was in Once Upon a Time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

“Encanto” Chispi the Capybara Plush – $22.99

WDW Encanto plush 20

We found two new “Encanto” plush of Antonio’s animal friends in Port of Entry at EPCOT.

WDW Encanto plush 21

The first one is Chispi the Capybara.

WDW Encanto plush 19
WDW Encanto plush 18
WDW Encanto plush 17
WDW Encanto plush 22

“Encanto” Parce the Jaguar Plush – $24.99

WDW Encanto plush 10
WDW Encanto plush 11
WDW Encanto plush 12
WDW Encanto plush 8
WDW Encanto plush 4
WDW Encanto plush 1

“Hercules” Character Connection Mystery Box Pins – $19.99

Hercules Character Connection pin mystery box 2

The newest edition of the Character Connection collection features “Hercules.”

Hercules Character Connection pin mystery box 3

Each box contains one randomly selected pin of the ten options pictured above. Each pin has a limited edition of 250.

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