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PHOTOS: Canopy Continues to Grow at TRON Lightcycle Run in the Magic Kingdom

As the months race by, TRON Lightcycle / Run continues to inch towards the finish line at the Magic Kingdom. Let’s take a look at what’s new!

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Since our last visit, another canopy piece was installed directly under the one we saw on Monday.

tron lightcycle run construction 2 1 22 15

The process seems to be focused on one “strip” at a time, and will presumably reach the bottom of the section in the coming days.

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tron lightcycle run construction 2 1 22 13

Things seemed slightly quieter around the entrance canopy frame, which saw a lot of work focused on it last month.

tron construction 02.02.22 1

The next day, we saw another canopy strip being installed. A crew member in a cherry picker was also working on the framework near the entrance.

tron construction 02.02.22 3

There are now three strips of the canopy in a row, with one blank space before the canopy at the edge of the framework.

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tron construction 02.02.22 2

There were several crew members attached to the frame with safety harnesses as they secured the new canopy piece.

tron construction 02.02.22 6
tron construction 02.02.22 7
tron construction 02.02.22 14
tron construction 02.02.22 17
tron construction 02.02.22 11

Meanwhile, the walkway underneath seems like it’s coming along quickly. At the rate things are progressing, it could open before the attraction, provided the exterior construction finishes soon.

tron lightcycle run construction 2 1 22 19

Workers could be seen in a cherry picker attending to the canopy’s support beams.

tron construction 02.02.22 12
tron lightcycle run construction 2 1 22 38

From the queue of The Barnstormer, we can get a closer look at the mystery building near the attraction.

tron lightcycle run construction 2 1 22 43

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