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PHOTOS: Larger Canopy Piece Installed Above TRON Lightcycle Run at Magic Kingdom

Another large canopy roof piece has been installed above TRON Lightcycle / Run at Magic Kingdom.

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Installation of the canopy roof began a week ago, and larger pieces were installed along the edge of the canopy framework a few days later.

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The largest piece so far has now been installed, on the side of the canopy facing Space Mountain.

TronConstruction013122 NEW 1
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It covers a strip of framework between two horizontal poles.

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Blue netting still covers most of the canopy framework to protect workers.

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They can stand on the blue netting and are attached with safety harnesses.

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This new piece of the canopy had not yet been pulled taut and fully secured when we went by on the PeopleMover.

tron 01.22 construction 18
tron 01.22 construction 12

This entire edge of the framework is now lined with flat paneling.

tron 01.22 construction 22
tron 01.22 construction 6

We continue to see crew members in scissor lifts working on the entrance canopy frame.

tron 01.22 construction 10
tron 01.22 construction 20

Crew members have also been working on the walkway that leads from the rest of Tomorrowland to the coaster’s entrance.

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  1. It’s so exciting to see this being done FINALLY! It feels like we can finally see the light at then end of the very long tunnel we’ve been in waiting for this project to be completed! Here’s hoping there’s a small chance it will be ready for my trip in December, or at least we’ll have the train back by then!

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