BREAKING: TRON Lightcycle Run Canopy Roof Installation Finally Begins at Magic Kingdom

TRON Lightcycle / Run may not open at Magic Kingdom for another year, but there’s always something to see at the coaster’s construction site. Today, the first piece of the coaster’s canopy roof is finally being installed.

In the morning, we saw that a tall crane had rolled into the site. Nothing had been installed yet.

A few hours later, we saw the canopy piece being lowered into place by the crane and several crew members.

As we got closer, we could see several pieces along the framework.

Crews are still installing vertebrae pieces and paneling along the edge of the canopy’s framework.

Across the construction site, the locker structure is coming together with more steel installed along the roof.

A concrete lip now runs along the edge of the paved walkway for several feet.

We could see crew members working beneath the walkway near the locker structure.

Guests will take the walkway from Tomorrowland beneath the coaster’s canopy to the show building. They will enter beneath a smaller tunnel-like canopy and then board the ride inside.

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  1. This may be complete rubbish but I’m wondering if the delay in opening is out of WDW hands. We all know that that TRON opened Shanghai Disneyland on June 16, 2016. Also that they had exclusively to the attraction for 5 years. Therefore a planned original opening in late 2021 for the 50th Anniversary. Perhaps the agreement is actually 5 years of operation ! With Shanghai being closed for over a year this would make the earliest opening for the WDW attraction late 2022 maybe even 2023 if they close again .. so when the ride is complete we may still have until the Shanghai version has been operational for the given time.
    Just a thought ….

  2. Awesome Update for Tron: Lightcycle run and I can’t wait for next year for the opening of Tron: Lightcycle run.

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