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PHOTOS: Repainting of Aladar Underway at DINOSAUR in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Various refurbishments are underway in the courtyard of DINOSAUR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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Fountains were drained a few weeks ago but this one has been cleaned and refilled.

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Hedges still block access to some of the walkways in the area.

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Aladar was painted with grey primer over the weekend. Crews have now begun repainting him his original coloring.

dinosaur refurb 4

A table full of paint supplies was next to the dino.

dinosaur refurb 5

Ladders were sitting in Aladar’s fountain for reaching his back.

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dinosaur refurb 7

A tarp was taped on the ground beneath him to keep the fountain tiles protected.

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His back and the outsides of his tail and legs are now a soft blue color.

dinosaur refurb 9

His underside and most of his head are a tan color.

dinosaur refurb 10

He will probably get a few more coats of paint before he’s completed and the fountain is refilled.

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The DINOSAUR posters at the entrance to The Dino Institute also looked like they had been replaced.

dinosaur refurb 17

The new posters aren’t as faded.

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