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Images source: Cave0fWonders on Twitter

PHOTOS, VIDEOS: Closer Look at Character Figurines, Dooney & Bourke Collection, Chip & Dale Ear Headband, and More Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary Merchandise

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Disneyland Paris has revealed more merchandise that will be available during their 30th anniversary beginning next month. Cave0fWonders shared photos and videos of the new items on Twitter and Instagram.

Mickey Mouse Figure

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 3

This large figure has Mickey dressed up in purple and blue for the 30th anniversary. He’s holding out a blue and silver top hat, ready to perform a magic trick.

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 4
Disneyland Paris 30th merch 5

Mickey comes on a dark blue base with various park icons etched on the side.

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 6

There’s the Pirate Galleon, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones et le Temple du PΓ©ril, Big Thunder Mountain, the Main Street gazebo, Phantom Manor, and La Cabane des Robinson.

Loungefly Mini Backpack

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 2

This mini backpack is purple and blue, like most of the merch, and covered in sequins. The front pocket has the 30th anniversary logo with fireworks and “Disneyland Paris” made of park icons. Mickey ears with fireworks embroidered on them stick out of the top of the bag.

Mickey Soap Dispenser

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 7

We love Mickey-shaped soap, and Disneyland Paris is delivering with a new 30th anniversary-themed dispenser. The dispenser has a gold cap and blue bottle with the 30th anniversary logo, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Mickey, and Minnie on it. The included soap is grapefruit scent.

Here are some screenshots of merchandise featured in Cave0fWonders’ video.


Disneyland Paris 30th merch 9.55.45 AM

There will be some pins shaped like the 30th anniversary logo. The three pictured feature Sleeping Beauty Castle, Goofy, and Chip ‘n’ Dale. Another spinner pin has Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald spinning around the 30th logo.

Minnie Figurine

dlp 30th merch 4 1

Minnie is wearing a pink and white outfit on this figurine.

Mickey Figurine

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 9.56.11 AM

Mickey is wearing purple, blue, and white. This is smaller and less detailed than the large figure featured above.

Magnet Photo Frame

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 9.56.25 AM

This photo frame appears to be a magnet. It features various park icons, including Sleeping Beauty Castle, behind Minnie and Mickey posing in their 30th anniversary outfit. The 30th anniversary logo is at the top with fireworks around it.

Tote Bag

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 9.51.14 AM

The light blue tote bag features Mickey and friends around the 30th anniversary logo.

Shopping Bag

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 9.51.17 AM

There will be reusable shopping bags with the 30th anniversary logo and silhouettes of park icons.

Button Set

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 9.54.55 AM

This set includes two buttons. One features Mickey and the other features Sleeping Beauty Castle.


Disneyland Paris 30th merch 9.55.11 AM

This circle magnet also features Mickey, Minnie, and the castle.


Disneyland Paris 30th merch 9.55.24 AM

The lanyard is dark blue with a card hanging from the end featuring Mickey, Minnie, and the castle.

Lanyard Pouch

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 9.55.36 AM

You can purchase a lanyard pouch separately. The pouch is transparent, with Mickey and friends printed on the side.

Spirit Jersey

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.02.30 AM

The Spirit Jersey is white with “Disneyland” made of different icons on the back. Click here for another look at the Spirit Jersey design.


Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.02.33 AM

This jacket is a shiny purple, with the 30th anniversary logo on the left breast.


Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.02.38 AM

This white T-shirt features Mickey, the castle, and the 30th logo. It says “30 years of magic.”


Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.02.41 AM

This heather grey hoodie features Mickey’s outline in dark blue. He’s holding out his top hat.

Baseball Cap

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.02.45 AM

The baseball cap is blue with a grey brim. Mickey and friends are on the top.


Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.02.48 AM

This dark blue backpack has a large version of the 30th logo over a silhouette of Sleeping Beauty Castle. It has mesh side pockets and a zip front pocket.

Chip ‘n’ Dale Plush Ear Headband

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.02.53 AM

This adorable ear headband has plush versions of Chip and Dale hanging on to the ears.

Sorcerer Mickey Hat

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.02.55 AM

This twist on Mickey’s classic sorcerer hat has extra iridescent touches of fireworks and says “Disneyland Paris 30” on the brim.

Glow Wand

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.02.59 AM

The glow wand has a Mickey-shaped top and seems to feature Mickey on the wand.

Sequined Minnie Ear Headband

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.03.05 AM

This ears are covered in blue sequins. The double-layered bow is a shimmery white.

Minnie & Minnie Letterman Jackets

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.03.20 AM

Minnie’s jacket is grey and white with pink trim. She’s pictured on the back in her 30th anniversary outfit.

Mickey’s jacket is grey and blue, with Mickey on the back in his special costume.

Mickey Letterman Jacket

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.04.18 AM

Another 30th anniversary letterman jacket says “30,” “D92,” “Disneyland Paris,” “Enjoy Every Moment,” “Best Day Ever,” and “Magic” on the back with the opening date and Mickey’s face. The sleeves have similar printed patches.

Minnie Plush

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.03.25 AM

Minnie’s plush puts her in a pink dress with a shimmery translucent jacket and overskirt. She has a shimmering white bow and pink shoes.

Mickey Plush

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.03.28 AM

Mickey’s wearing blue pants and shoes with a purple jacket and white waistcoat. Of course, he also has a matching bow tie and top hat.

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Bubble Toy & Watch

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.03.30 AM

This display hand is holding up a bubble spinner toy featuring Mickey. It’s wearing a dark blue watch that seems to be covered in colorful silhouettes of park icons.

Art Set

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.03.42 AM

This box of art supplies includes markers, paint, scissors, pencils, and a booklet.


Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.03.44 AM

Both of these keychains feature the 30th anniversary logo with Sleeping Beauty Castle. One is colorful and has Mickey standing on it. The other is silver, with intricate open designs.


Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.03.47 AM

This notebook is blue with Mickey and friends in front of the castle on the cover.


Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.03.49 AM

This dark blue shirt also features Mickey and friends.


dlp 30th merch 5 1

The umbrella is blue with Mickey and friends encircling it. The edge is darker blue and lined with the Disneyland Paris and 30th logos.


Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.03.57 AM

The blanket appears to feature a landscape of Mickey and friends with park icons.

Photo Frame

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.04.01 AM

This photo frame has Mickey, Chip and Dale, and Minnie on the front. Tinker Bell flies above Sleeping Beauty Castle on one side.

Snow Globe

dlp 30th merch 1 2

The snow globe has Mickey, Minnie, and the castle inside.

Folding Fan

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.04.04 AM

The folding fan is dark blue with natural wood spokes. It features Mickey and friends with the castle.

Pet Spirit Jersey

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.04.05 AM

The pet Spirit Jersey is white and says “Disneyland Paris” across the shoulders with fireworks. The 30th anniversary logo is on the back, around a grey pawprint.


dlp 30th merch 3 1

This mug is dark blue, featuring Mickey and friends. The inside is yellow and the handle is Mickey-shaped.


dlp merch 8

This other mug is black and says “30,” “D92,” “Disneyland Paris,” “Enjoy Every Moment,” “Best Day Ever,” and “Magic” with the opening date and Mickey’s face.

dlp merch 7


dlp 30th merch 6 1

The glass features Mickey with fireworks.

Bento Box

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.04.11 AM

The box is covered in squares, each featuring a different character or park icon, with a yellow strip down the middle.


Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.04.13 AM

The bowl is dark blue with yellow inside. Mickey and Minnie are with the castle on the outside.


dlp 30th merch 2 1

The bottle is an iridescent blue-purple with the Disneyland Paris logo.

Chip ‘n’ Dale Plush

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 1

We love this Chip and Dale (or Tic and Tac) plush. They’re wearing their 30th anniversary jackets and bowties and are holding the 30th logo between them.

Here’s a look at the 30 Years of Magic collection featuring Tinker Bell.

Minnie Ear Headband

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.53.05 AM

This ear headband is black, with gold sequin ears, and a black bow covered in gold specks. The center of the bow has a Sleeping Beauty Castle and Tinker Bell charm.


Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.53.13 AM

The scarm is dark blue, gold, and white.


Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.53.18 AM

One of these pins is shaped like the 30th anniversary logo with the castle and features Tinker Bell. The other is diamond-shaped, with the castle in the background and Tinker Bell’s silhouette. Both are golden.

Dooney & Bourke Collection

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.53.22 AM

The bags in the Dooney & Bourke collection will be black with brown trim.

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.53.24 AM

They will feature the golden silhouettes of Tinker Bell and the castle, as well as smaller white silhouettes of Tink and a castle tower.


Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.53.31 AM

This pen is white and covered in stars.

Champagne Flute

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.53.40 AM

The champagne flute has a simple gold 30th anniversary logo on the side.


dlp merch 9

The mug is a black, with Tinker Belle’s silhouette surrounded by jewels in front of a gold castle. The mug is rimmed with gold and has a gold handle.

Throw Blanket

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.53.48 AM

The blanket is also a dark blue or black and debossed with Tink and the castle.

Purse, Baseball Cap, Notebook

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 10.53.49 AM

The baseball cap has the same castle with Tink design against a blue background. It has a gold sparkly brim.

The purse has a gold flap featuring Tink and the tallest castle tower that folds over the dark blue purse.

The notebook is gold with Tink’s silhouette in front of the outline of the castle.

Phone Case

Disneyland Paris 30th merch 8

Finally, this phone case is black and shiny. The castle is in gold and Tink’s silhouette is made of tiny silver sparkles.

Check out some of the merchandise we previously got a look at.

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