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REVIEW: Chocolate Cherry Blondie Pop is a Disappointing Valentine’s Day Treat at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

Many new Valentine’s Day treats have arrived at Walt Disney World this month. At Gasparilla Island Grill in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, guests can pick up a chocolate-cherry blondie pop. So, we visited the restaurant to review the new pop before it goes away on February 15.

Chocolate-Cherry Blondie Pop – $5.99

Brown Butter Blondie with Mini Chocolate Chips, Dried Cherries, and enrobed in Dark Chocolate and Valentine’s Day Sprinkles

Chocolate cherry blondie pop 0

The pop comes wrapped in plastic and closed with a bright pink bow.

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The ingredients are listed on a sticker.

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Unfortunately, the cute pop tastes mediocre.

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All the flavors go well together, but the blondie itself is dry and stale.

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The sprinkles do add a nice crunch to the pop.

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There are dried cherries throughout the pop, which are a welcome flavor.

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They add a bit more moisture back into the stale treat.

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The chocolate chips do nothing for it.

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While this makes for a cute picture, it was not the Valentine’s gift we were hoping for. What did you think of this not-so-loving treat? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. do most that read the post on here notice that the reviews are mostly never good , because disney puts out cost cutting food , poor quality and just plain bad decisions on food. they keep calling it magic, I call it greed, and I can afford it , but there is no wow factor any longer. disappointing

    1. Hey Steven

      Yes, I agree with you about the negative reviews. I find them discouraging. I want to try new things on vacation, but with all the negative reviews it’s a gamble. Dole whip, LaFou’s Brew and churros are my jam. Disney put out about 100 treats for the 50th and not all of them are good. Shame

      1. Stuff is expensive, we don’t want you to spend moment on something you won’t like. There are plenty of 50th items we reviewed positively though.

  2. I have seen many food reviews for WDW, some disappointing and some favorable. If you buy one of these expensive treats and it tastes terrible, can a customer get a refund?

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