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REVIEW: Jiko – The Cooking Place Reopens with Delicious New Dishes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Jambo! We attended the reopening of this fan-favorite signature restaurant, Jiko – The Cooking Place, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. It’s been closed since March 2020, and a few menu changes were announced recently. We’re ready to try some new dishes, and certainly ready to revisit some old favorites.

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jiko interior
jiko interior 3

Here is a glance at the menu before walking in.

jiko interior 5
jiko interior 4

We were welcomed by Cast Members while walking in.

jiko interior 7

There are plenty of details throughout the restaurant. If you look up, you can see birds taking flight.

jiko interior 8

You may also be able to spot a hidden Mickey.

jiko interior 9
jiko interior 12

Our table was beautifully set up with folded napkins and more.

jiko interior 13


jiko menu
jiko menu 1
jiko menu 2
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Bread Service

jiko bread

New with the reopening was this Egyptian and giraffe bread that was also brought out with Jiko butter and black sea salt. The butter is sprinkled with the black sea salt, which gives a nice salty kick when you get some in a bite. The black sea salt was new at the reopening of The Turf Club Bar and Grill as well.

jiko bread 2

We also received hand towels that are rose-scented and plates specifically for the appetizers.


jiko appetizers

Duck Confit and Honey-Raisin Flatbread – $16

Preserved Duck, Rocket, Toasted Chickpeas, Mozzarella, Plump Raisins, Harissa, Spiced Honey

jiko appetizers 1

While many that have visited Jiko in the past rave about its flatbreads, we were never impressed. However, this is a flatbread that you simply must order. The flavorful duck, the rich cheese, and the spicy harissa on the back end of each bite make for a memorable entry.

jiko appetizers 2

It is a sizeable appetizer, probably too much for two people, but it is worth noting the crust is light, crispy, and airy.

Seared Scallops with Nhopi and Groundnuts – $18

Diver Scallops, Blistered Peanuts, Nhopi, Chestnut Cream, Fennel-Apple Slaw, Cider Reduction

jiko appetizers 3

The scallops were cooked perfectly and very buttery. The fennel slaw added a nice sweet crisp and the nuts added crunch.

jiko appetizers 4

The orange sauce tasted like a butternut squash sauce. All these elements were good on their own or paired together.

jiko appetizers 5

Braaied Wild Boar Tenderloin – $19

Creamy Pap, Chakalaka Tomatoes, Herb-smoked Oil

jiko appetizers 6

The boar remains one of the most flavorful and tender cuts of meat we have had on this planet. It is seasoned really well.

jiko appetizers 7

The chakalaka tomatoes were sweet, slightly salty, and very good. We definitely recommend it. This is one of our favorites.

jiko appetizers 8


Bobotie Mac & Cheese – $17

Four Cheeses, Waygu, Almonds, Raisins, Kachumbari, Red Wine Reduction

jiko entrees 18

This is very hearty, and as you might imagine, cheesy. This was a filling side and a really nice additional option.

jiko entrees 20

The meats and tomato were slightly sweet and the salty cheeses balanced with the spices to make for an excellent accompaniment.


Injera Basket – $38

Seasonal Plant-based Stews featuring House-made Injera

jiko entrees 11

With the Injera, the servers bring by a mat for the basket to be placed on. The Injera is meant to be eaten with your hands, so they brought us a hot towel first.

jiko entrees 12

This is a really creative take on building your own crêpe essentially. Each of the plant-based sides were hearty and flavorful and added its own unique bite to every “taco.” The Injera itself was light and spongey. The harissa had a good bite.

jiko entrees

This is a good vegan dish and was very filling. We recommend. The stews switch out seasonally.

jiko entrees 10
jiko entrees 3

Here are closer shots of the plant-based sides, including the tomato salad.

Golden Lentils

jiko entrees 5

Pickled Papaya

jiko entrees 6

Stewed Greens

jiko entrees 7

Rose-scented Harissa

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jiko entrees 8

Stewed Mushrooms

jiko entrees 9

Oak-grilled Filet Mignon – $54

Four-Cheese Macaroni, Rainbow Cauliflower, Chocolate-Red Wine Demi-glace

jiko entrees 13

While this may appear to be the classic dish at first glance, some major changes have occurred. The finish has been changed to a chocolate-red wine demi-glace, as opposed to just red wine, but the new topping also has bone marrow in it. The steak was not as tender as we recall, but the flavors are certainly more powerful. There is a charred, explosive flavor in each bite which we think will please most.

jiko filet
jiko entrees 15

The four cheese macaroni and cheese is still the real reason to come to Jiko. This is not only one of the best side dishes in all of Walt Disney World, it might be one of the best items you can find in all of the Vacation Kingdom. It is rich, the pasta is nice and soft, and it is packed with cheese, from the well crippled top layer, to the creamy white liquid that covers each bite.

The cauliflower was well-cooked also, if perhaps slightly over-salted.

Seafood Tagine – $49

Saffron-scented Couscous, Prawns, Scallops, Squid, Littleneck Clams

jiko entrees 16

This is a fantastic dish. The saffron couscous was perfectly light and airy. You get saffron in each bite. The seafood was not fishy and all cooked to perfection. Each seafood element went well with the couscous.

jiko entrees 17

The prawn added an authentic feel to the dish and made for a great photo op. We were also given a small plate to place the shells on. We recommend this dish and would order again.

Dessert Menu

jiko desserts 12
jiko desserts 2 1
jiko desserts 1 1


jiko desserts 3

Malva Pudding – $13

Melktert Ice Cream, Kataifi, Kanu Tuile, Cabernet Gelée

jiko desserts 4

The Tuile had a slight sweetness and a nice crunch. The ice cream tasted like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The bird cookie broke easily and had a great sugar cookie-like texture.

jiko desserts 9

The small cakes had a crispy exterior and a soft interior. They were rum-soaked, had a prominent alcohol taste, and had a good sweetness to them. All in one bite, there was a great balance of texture and cinnamon sweetness.

Melktert – $12

African Milk Custard Tart seasoned with Cinnamon and Cardamom accompanied by Fresh Fruit

jiko desserts 5

This is a milk custard tart with cinnamon and cardamom, on top of a graham cracker-like crust. It’s great. It is a little milky but when eaten together with the fruit, it’s delicious.

jiko desserts 8

The fruit brings a fresh taste into the milk tart. The fruit is pomegranate and watermelon. The crumble is buttery and spiced well. It adds a crunch into the tart.

Kilimanjaro – $15

Single-Origin Ghanaian Dark Chocolate Mousse, Pistachio Financier, Pink Peppercorn Meringue, Cocoa Nib Crunch, Ras el Hanout Pineapples

jiko desserts 7

This is a rich chocolate paired with pistachio. The chocolate cocoa crust had a layer of chocolate over it. The mousse was the perfect texture and the layer of pistachio inside added an ever-so-slightly salty nutty element.

jiko desserts 11

The pink peppercorn meringue topping was subtle and the pineapple and fruit drops added a fresh bit of sweetness.

Beverage Menu

jiko menu 4
jiko menu 5


jiko beverages

Mt. Kilimarita – $14

Patron Silver Tequila, Van der Hum Tangerine Liqueur, Citrus, and Cranberry Juice

jiko beverages 1

This was delicious! It comes with half the rim salted and a lime slice. It was strong, but not too strong. You can taste every flavor in the drink.

jiko beverages 2

The citrus and cranberry complement each other perfectly. It is not too sweet and not too sour. It is just perfect and we would get it again.

Maputo Highball – $14

7yr Oak Aged African Starr Rum, Ginger Ale, Bitters

jiko beverages 3

The Highball is a refreshing cocktail with high quality rum. It is a strong cocktail and you will definitely feel like you have had a drink after half a glass.

jiko beverages 4

Kanu Old Fashioned – $15

Whiskey, Orange Bitters, Bitters, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

jiko beverages 5

This was a slightly sweet, well-balanced old fashioned. The orange bitters are prominent with the whiskey, and the vanilla is very subtle on the backend of each sip.

jiko beverages 6

The President of Walt Disney World, Jeff Vahle, posted a photo of the Cast Members on his Instagram account, celebrating the reopening of Jiko.

Overall, this is a meal that shouldn’t be missed. Animal Kingdom Lodge boasts the finest culinary teams in all of Walt Disney World, and probably at any Disney venue worldwide. Sanaa, Boma, and Jiko are diverse offerings that are all at the top of their respective dining categories property-wide. We never get tired of any of these restaurants, and they are absolute musts for each visit.

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