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Splash Mountain Failed to Reopen After Refurbishment at Magic Kingdom

Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom was scheduled to reopen this morning, but it failed to do so. According to My Disney Experience, the ride’s reopening will be delayed.

Splash Mountain Fails to Reopen February 2022 Refurbishment

A notification from park president Melissa Valiquette noted that while teams were working hard to open Splash Mountain, the attraction would remain closed for the time being.

Splash Mountain Fails to Reopen February 2022 Refurbishment

At this time, Valiquette did not give an expectation for when the ride will reopen. The attraction has been closed for one month, since January 10. The scheduled refurbishment was for annual maintenance, as most water rides undergo in the winter months when they are less popular.

Splash Mountain Fails to Reopen February 2022 Refurbishment

Cast Members at the attraction said they hope to still reopen today, but it will likely be in the afternoon if at all. They are waiting for water, a necessary element of the log flume ride.

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Splash Mountain Fails to Reopen February 2022 Refurbishment

Yesterday, water was running freely as the ride was being tested prior to reopening. We witnessed logs travel the flume. It’s unclear why the water is unavailable at this time.

Were you disappointed that Splash Mountain failed to reopen this morning? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. This was our last day in Disney and we scheduled our morning based on Splash mountain reopening. This was super disappointing. On top of that space mountain and pirates of the Carribean were also closed for hours and other major attractions like thunder mountain and Peter pan were down for differing periods of time.

    1. Well Michelle, you do know that they didn’t open just to ruin your last day, right? Because that’s how it works.

  2. Splash Mountain is an iconic ride that is loved by millions. It is a travesty that Disney intends to change its theme because people have recently complained. If certain individuals are opposed to its current state, then perhaps they should simply avoid it. Why spoil it for the rest of us? Disney is setting an extremely bad precedent by cow towing to these petitions!

  3. It’s crazy how much these rides are down! There on Wednesday, big amount of time wasted on Thunder Mountain and Peter Pan. 12 hours and only 7 rides checked off.

  4. @Michelle, how disappointing! I would have been very sad for sure. I keep hearing that rides are breaking down or other issues that keep them from being open.

    I really hope the park maintenance can keep up with usage in the long term. If not, it could be dangerous. :(

  5. We are just praying it’s open today as this is my son’s favorite ride, our last day, and we likely won’t be back before it’s re-imagineered. My husband is a health and safety manager and he said since it’s a closed water system they are likely waiting on water sample testing that’s required by OSHA. 🤞🏻

  6. While it does stink that it was closed and not knowing why or how much longer. The workers and everyone there are the ones who know best….. Better safe than sorry. Safety is there number one priority.

  7. Seems like this is the “norm” at disney. It’s bad when you have so many rides in the same park down at one time. Disney needs to do their job or start refunding park tickets to guest who just so happen to be there when all the rides are down at the same time.. Shame on Disney! They can do better.

  8. Unfortunately, rise of the resistance went down several times yesterday along with Micky & Minnie run away railroad. We were given lightning lane passes for later, which was great. I hope Disney can get back on track with the rides/attractions. We love coming to Disney. It is magical, especially to our 7 yr old. Wishing them nothing but the best. I wish Disney would bring back the “fast pass” instead of the lightning lane. For 1 it didn’t cost extra and we never had any problems using it.

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