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Despite Generally Positive Reviews, Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Sees More Cancellations

The first round of reviews from the public voyages on the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser are coming in, including our honest, in-depth review. On the heels of generally positive feedback, it seems more cancellations are coming in.

march april may starcruiser availability

Last week, all voyages were sold out for March and April. Now, there are four dates available in March and nine dates in April. Three more dates have opened in May for a total of seven available cruises.

June July August Starcruiser avail

Two more dates have opened in June. August is completely open.

Sept Oct Nov Starcruiser

Guests now have the ability to book through December, though at this time, only the November 28 voyage is unavailable.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
December Starcruiser

Availability reopening can mean just one guest canceled as we can’t see the number of rooms open. Guests who canceled voyages for March, April, and May would not receive a refund.

Will you be booking a voyage on the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I liked Star Wars but never loved it to the point of fanaticism. I’d much rather do a week long cruise in the Caribbean than stay at an overpriced hotel.

  2. The reviews coming in from the press and social media influencers have been “paid for.” I will believe the reviews coming in from people who have actually paid for the experience.

    Start with free airfare, then add on free transportation, then the wardrobe, free swag from the gift shops, free alcoholic beverages, free lightsaber, free droid, free EVERYTHING. Added together this comes to $10K in exchange for a good review.

    Do you think we’re gullible?

  3. As someone that works in the hotel industry this is not uncommon. With any new facility a few rooms are often held back from inventory in case all the rooms are unable to be completed on time. What you see opening for March April and May just may be them opening rooms up that were being held back because they were incomplete.

  4. I suspect what we’re seeing is people who are impressed with what the experience offers, but who are also getting concrete evidence that it’s not worth thousands of dollars for barely 36 hours of entertainment.

    Also, good reviews for the adventures and stories can’t hide the fact that the space itself looks cheaply constructed/designed compared to Galaxy’s Edge, and even the best reviews I’ve seen for the food essentially say the same thing: it’s high-end quick-service/buffet fare. For six grand, guest should be able to expect more.

  5. This hotel is such a mess.

    The Grand Captain Suite design should have been the design used for ALL the “cabins”. What if someone has claustrophobia?! D3-09 should have been the captain.

  6. Nope. For the same price my family can take a 7 day cruise. Although it is unique, it’s not worth the cost in my opinion.

  7. Part of this availability could be the general difficulty of actually getting through on their reservation lines to actually book any of these new dates. I’ve been trying for the past two days with nothing but a message that they are unable to take calls at this time. And on a number that is long distance for myself and likely many other callers this is beyond frustrating. For such a high priced experience I would expect Disney to want to make this as painless as possible but they have gone the opposite route, putting as many roadblocks as possible in the way.

  8. Is it just possible that people’s plans change, leading to cancellations? Without actual information from the parties who cancel, we don’t know what these openings represent. And surely, there will always be some who change their minds about the value proposition of this experience. As long as someone else fills the reservation, maintaining a high occupancy rate, Disney won’t care.

    When Disney starts reducing the room rates, that’s a story.

  9. The truth is that the positive reviews were mostly because the experience was provided at no cost. People see through such nonsense. It’s a truly terrible value on all fronts.

    1. It’s fake – people these days like authentic experiences, especially if they make the money to afford it. 2. It’s expensive, I think everyone is in agreement with that. 3. It’s a niche market – only for real Star Wars fans who have wanted to live in the universe. It’s hard to find a whole family that is so into Star Wars they’re willing to pretending to be in the universe for two days straight. With only 100 rooms, I believe, Disney knew this.

    It’s neat, but fake, and unless you’re really into fake space, it’s not going to be for you. To be honest, at what point do you save up and take a real space flight? We’re not far off from the people affording this hotel being able afford that. Space hotels are coming, and they won’t be using screens and holograms. Is this safer? Sure, there will always be a small market for it. Expecting it to be a huge success for decades to come, I think not unless they lower the price.

    I would rather enjoy a real Disney cruise for a lower price per day and visit real places that actually exist. That’s not to say this isn’t fun, but so is a Disney Cruise – or even a Carnival cruise, if we’re being honest. Value is in the eye of the beholder and this hotel/cruise is going to have a very small target market.

  10. My son was one of the first to be chosen for the Make-a-Wish trip to spend his 2 days. And I will tell you it was amazing. The kids had so much fun there were talks of going back as soon as we could. Anyone talking bad about this was never a Star wars fan to begin with..

  11. This article gives a very interesting take on “mostly positive reviews”. If you are a Star Wars fan of many years then you will know that this project has had many “not so positive” reviews among Star Wars online content creators and fans alike. Time will tell but so far the “positive” reviews have come out of those that were invited to review it for free by those who run the attraction.

  12. Having just come back from Disney orlando first time in 2018 and 2022 the second time we felt abit let down most of the parks look dated and run down the magic seemed more of a “puff” rather than a “bang” and costs are just stupid now and also being charge to park your hire car in which ever Disney hotel you stop at is disgusting, that and over the top price’s plus tip’s its not fun any more its a nightmare

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