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Disney Denies Housing Accommodations to College Program Members with Disabilities

According to current participants in the Walt Disney World Disney College Program, Disney has been denying special housing accommodations for Cast Members with disabilities.

According to our sources, multiple Disney College Program participants living at the new Flamingo Crossings Village have requested special housing accommodations due to having a certain medical condition and/or disability. For example, one of our sources tells us that Deaf/Hard of Hearing Cast Members were denied ASL interpreters at Flamingo Crossings Village housing events, despite having written requests. ASL interpreters used to be provided upon request at Disney College Program housing.

Other reports claim that Cast Members who require wheelchairs were denied ground floor access rooms and then unable to report for work when elevators weren’t operational.

But American Campus Communities, the company that manages Disney College Program housing, is reportedly denying accommodating these Cast Members. The company manages the apartments on behalf of Disney.

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The program does state that accommodations are not guaranteed but that preferences will be taken into account. The given reasoning for denying these requests is that no bedrooms are currently available in the College Program housing that would meet the Cast Members’ needs. But sources tell us that some College Program apartments have empty bedrooms. More information about the village’s official accommodation policies can be found on their website here.

Cast Members with other various conditions that needed a private bathroom, an apartment with no animals, etc., were also ignored. Our sources attested to having filed the appropriate medical paperwork and followed the correct procedures for such requests. Some Cast Members have had their requests accommodated while others have not.

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  1. Wow! If that is really true, Disney is losing my interest fast! I love going to the parks, but if people are being denied accommodations because of a disability, that’s discrimination. Good thing I’m not in the program.

  2. If y’all keep reporting the Disney dirt so early Tom’s gonna wake up with a bloody Mickey head next to him one morning.

  3. Sounds like a bunch of entitled babies crying like usual. Oh and it’s actually about a company who manages the property for Disney, not Disney… But you guys don’t care. You’re all about that clickbait. Where’s the real news?

  4. So I guess Disney is only inclusive if it matches the political agenda of America. Interesting.

  5. Currently my daughter is there and management will not move her and her suitemate even though they are living in a hostile environment with a fellow homophobic roommate.

  6. Aren’t those denials violations of Federal Law? I know that lodging wheel chair bound people on any other floor than the first floor is a violation of state law.
    What is going on?

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