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Full Walkthrough of Kirby and the Forgotten Land 3D Pop-Up Now Open at Universal CityWalk Hollywood, This Weekend Only

In celebration of the game’s release, Universal CityWalk Hollywood is now hosting a Kirby and the Forgotten Land 3D walkthrough, only available this weekend. Come along with us for a full walkthrough of the pop-up!

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“Get inhaled into the world of Kirby and the Forgotten Land game at Universal CityWalk Hollywood from March 25th through March 27th, 2022. With Kirby inhaling everything in sight in his new adventure, visitors at the Kirby and the Forgotten Land 3D Walkthrough will experience his capabilities in full, life-size display.”

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This walkthrough is free and available to all guests. It is located outside of the cinema at Universal CityWalk Hollywood. Guests can register ahead of time online and receive a time slot for entering to avoid having to wait in line.

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The entrance to the walkthrough is a large Kirby-shaped archway.

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After walking through Kirby, you walk past a wall that features the Forgotten Land.

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Characters from Kirby and the Forgotten Land are on display. And each character has a sign describing their function in the game.

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“A pink and powerful puffball, Kirby can inhale certain enemies and copy their abilities to unleash on others.”

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Bandana Waddle Dee

“Kirby’s battling buddy who joins the action in 2-player co-op play.”

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Waddle Dees

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“Transferred from Planet Popstar, Kirby’s friends have now been captured! Rescue them to help rebuild Waddle Dee Town and unlock more game features.”

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“Swish! Sling that sharp-edged boomerang! Use it to grab far-off items. Hold the button down to freeze it in midair and charge it up. That will make it extra powerful! Swish!”

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“A sturdy hammer with intense attack power. Your reach is short, but it’s worth it to bonk enemies – and stakes! Hold the button to charge, then let go to do a Hammer Flip!”

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“Slice through this new world as a sword-wielding, green-hatted hero! Try charging up before you swing for extra power. Train hard and become this world’s new sword master!”

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“After being rescued by Kirby, this mysterious flying creature teams up with our hero to rescue the Waddle Dees.”

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Car-Mouth Kirby

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“Now Kirby can use Mouthful Mode to transform into Car-Mouth Kirby! Consume a car to gain some wheels and slam through walls. Sit back and take it all in …literally.”

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Guests will also receive a complimentary drawstring backpack.

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The bag features a promotional image of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, with the Nintendo Switch logo in the upper left corner.

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Along with the backpack, you’ll also receive a complimentary lanyard.

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The lanyard is green with images of Kirby frolicking throughout the Forgotten Land.

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In the backpack, guests will also receive a flyer about the game, as well as a free code to use to redeem for “useful in-game items” in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

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Kids will also receive a complimentary backpack hanger mystery set.

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You have the chance to receive one of seven Kirby figures, which also glow in the dark.

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At the end of the walkthrough, there is a sign that advertises to “Inhale more fun on TikTok.”

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Watch our video below for a full walkthrough of the pop-up.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

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