Guests Who Need Fresh Air on the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Can Visit the Climate Simulator

Guests who get a little “cabin fever” and need a little fresh air onboard the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser can make a visit to the “climate simulator.”

The climate simulator is on Deck 4, past the lightsaber training pod.

Its themed explanation is that the climate simulator allows guests to prepare for their excursion to Batuu by experiencing the planet’s weather. However, it also serves as a space for guests to get fresh air and sunshine after being cooped up in the ship.

(Spoiler alert: you’re just outside in Florida!)

Lush greenery is on the walls, above benches.

The plants are even labeled in Aurebesh. This one is Toscwon’s Tongue Alocasia from the planet Ithor. The planet is pictured on one side of the plaque. Ithor is the home planet of Ithorians, such as Dok-Ondar.

This is the Speckled Scathe Begon from Taanab, an agricultural planet mentioned in passing in several “Star Wars” properties.

And this one is the Shield of Andrasha geranium from Chandrila.

There are ceiling fans and open skylights.

In the center are rock formations.

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  1. It doesn’t even look appealing. No bright colors, no flowers, very beige and drab. The people in the photo look like, “I paid $6000 and all I get is this?” It looks like that side area at Home Depot where they put all the plants in the spring and then basically abandon the area so that when you go out there all you see is a jumble of pots, some broken bags of mulch on the concrete floor, and a leaking hose laying on the ground that’s slowly creating a puddle with no employees to be seen.

  2. Alright lads, here’s the plan, you distract the guards, I’ll bring the ladder around the side, and bing bang boom, we’re guests on the Starcruiser!

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