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New Merlin’s Marvelous Miscellany Shop Now Open at Disneyland

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The old holiday store at Disneyland Park has now become Merlin’s Marvelous Miscellany following the opening of Plaza Point Holiday Shoppe.

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We first saw indications of the new themed shop back in January. Above the door are the words “Higitus figitus migitus mum,” the incantation from Merlin’s song in “Sword in the Stone.”

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The outside of the store has touches of red and gold.

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Inside is general Disneyland, “Sleeping Beauty,” and castle merchandise.

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In one corner, books and trinkets from Merlin’s own collection line the shelves. Keen observers will note the tiny bird house that belongs to Archimedes on the corner of the shelf.

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There are glass bottles of different shapes and sizes, goblets, scrolls, and owl bookends.

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This practice dummy for jousting harkens back to Arthur’s days as a squire to Sir Kay.

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The props extend to shelves above all the merchandise.

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The new Peter Pan and Tinker Bell collections fresh from EPCOT have also debuted in the shop.

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More props are on the walls and shelves behind the counter.

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A “Bestiary Summarium” and planetary charts hang on the stone wall. According to Cast Members, the Bestiary Summarium was made especially for the shop by Walt Disney Imagineers and features all of the creatures Merlin and Madam Mim transform into during their duel.

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There is a gorilla skull and candles tucked among more books in the far left corner.

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Merlin’s Marvelous Miscellany is behind Sleeping Beauty Castle in Fantasyland.

For our full tour of Merlin’s Marvelous Miscellany, check out the video below.

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