New Mario Kart-Themed Pillow, Apparel, & Stationery Races into Mario Motors at Super Nintendo World

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While we’ve seen plenty of new items make their way to 1-Up Factory at Super Nintendo World, until this month we’d hardly seen anything new at the nearby Mario Motors, located at the exit of Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge. This pit stop-themed shop has finally released a few new items themed to the beloved racing franchise, so let’s check them all out!

Red Shell Hand Warmer Pillow – ¥3900 ($31.41)

MarioMotorsMerch2022 1 scaled
MarioMotorsMerch2022 2 scaled
MarioMotorsMerch2022 3 scaled

Banana Pencil Case – ¥1900 ($15.30)

MarioMotorsMerch2022 4 scaled
MarioMotorsMerch2022 5 scaled
MarioMotorsMerch2022 6 scaled

? Block Sticky Memo Set – ¥1200 ($9.66)

MarioMotorsMerch2022 7 scaled
MarioMotorsMerch2022 8 scaled

Mario Kart Hoodie – ¥6900 ($55.57)

MarioMotorsMerch2022 9 scaled
MarioMotorsMerch2022 10 scaled
MarioMotorsMerch2022 11 scaled
MarioMotorsMerch2022 12 scaled

Mario Kart Sponsors Shirt – ¥3700 ($29.80)

MarioMotorsMerch2022 13 scaled
MarioMotorsMerch2022 14 scaled

All of these items are available now at Mario Motors in Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan! Don’t miss our full tour of the grand opening lineup at Mario Motors, nearly all of which remains on sale. And if you want to learn all about Super Nintendo World, check out our full guide to the land!

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