Tokyo Disney Resort Operator Ordered to Pay Damages for Workplace Harassment Claims Following Lawsuit

The Walt Disney Company isn’t the only Disney-focused company embroiled in scandals right now. Today, a 41 year-old woman won her lawsuit against Tokyo Disney Resort owner and operator The Oriental Land Company over verbal abuse allegations.

According to Netolabo, the unnamed woman filed her lawsuit in 2018 due to violations of safety obligations and power harassment accusations from managers at the Oriental Land Company, where she worked as a character performer for thirteen years.

Supervisors reportedly said spread rumors about her and other Cast Members, and said such things as “Women over 30 shouldn’t work here, why don’t you quit already” to the plaintiff. In a statement to the press, she said “I have endured this for many years, but nothing will change if I just put up with it. My dream is to have a workplace where I can continue to work with peace of mind, where there is no power harassment.”

Additionally, when a guest painfully injured her ring finger by twisting it, her claims for worker’s compensation were dismissed by her boss. “You’re an entertainer, you have to put up with that sort of thing. You’re so weak,” the boss reportedly said.

She filed suit in July 2018 to the tune of ¥3.3 million (approx. $30,000 at the time) related to the allegations. The plaintiff claimed Oriental Land failed to educate its employees on the prevention of power harassment, failed to investigate and understand the details of power harassment when it occurs, and failed to take measures to relieve victim’s suffering after power harassment is inflicted.

In the ruling, the judge ordered Oriental Land to pay a meager sum of ¥880,000, approximately $7100, to the plaintiff in damages.

The Oriental Land Company released a statement saying “It is truly regrettable that some of our claims were not recognized in this judgment, and we will consider our future response after carefully examining the details of the judgment. In addition, no statements were found to fall under the category of ‘power harassment’ as claimed by the plaintiff. We apologize for the concern we have caused to our guests and all those who support us on a daily basis.”

The Oriental Land Company is also in the midst of a second lawsuit filed around the same time by a costumed character Cast Member related to inadequate worker’s compensation for long-term injuries.

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