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REVIEW: Out of This World Cocktails from the Sublight Lounge on the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Almost everything on your Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser voyage is included, but alcoholic beverages are not. However, if you’re looking for cosmic cocktails or space-themed spirits, you can stop by the Sublight Lounge on Deck 6. To help you decide what to treat yourself with, we tried out the drinks.

Many of the specialty drinks are also available during meals in the Crown of Corellia Dining Room, but a few are exclusive to the lounge. Reviews for the exclusive drinks are below.


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Fiery Musafarian – $17

Served with Lava Extract

Añejo tequila, Mezcal, stone fruit, lime, chili, and black salt

swgs fiery mustafarian 5

This drink comes in a cool round souvenir glass on a metal pedestal. The drink itself is a decent margarita. It’s a little smoky and sweet. They mist the glass with a lime spritz and then rim it with black salt. The real kicker is the tube of “lava extract” that you can add to make the drink taste hotter. It is a hot cinnamon syrup.

swgs fiery mustafarian 6

If you’re into souvenir glasses, this is the most unique one in space.

Hoth Icebreaker – $18

Vodka, lemon, pure cane sugar, vanilla-lemon foam

swgs cocktail hoth icebreaker 0

If you order this drink, it’s worth ordering at the bar to see it put together.

swgs cocktail hoth icebreaker 4

It comes in a neat conical chalice — unfortunately, not a souvenir glass — that they put in a contraption behind the bar to freeze it.

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swgs cocktail hoth icebreaker 5
swgs cocktail hoth icebreaker 9

The drink itself is pretty tart. Be prepared for sourness instead of sweetness. The vanilla lemon foam is light, creamy, and delicious. It’s topped with a disk of clear sugar that resembles ice.

Cloud of Bespin – $15

Rum, lemon, Orgeat (almond), passion fruit, Falernum-lemon foam

cloud of bespin starcruiser drink 2 swgs
cloud of bespin starcruiser drink 5 swgs

This was good and one of the more unique cocktails. The foam is thick and doesn’t dissipate at all. It’s almost like meringue in texture. You kind of need to scoop it into your mouth when you take a sip.

cloud of bespin starcruiser drink 1 swgs

The drink itself is very lemony, and the passion fruit adds a nice sweetness. It was thick, with a limoncello consistency. It’s a great option for those passengers that aren’t into harder drinks.

Drabor’s Delight (Negroni) – $15

Gin, vermouth, bitter and sweet

SWGS Sublight Lounge Snacks 12

This is named after Shug Drabor, the designer of the Halcyon. It includes an orange slice garnish.

SWGS Sublight Lounge Snacks 13

It is a decent drink if you like a Negroni, but not a particularly unique take on the drink.

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