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See the Full Experience on the Box Truck Shuttle to Batuu from the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Good morning from day 2 aboard the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser! We’re headed to Batuu on the box truck shuttle from the Halcyon. This article will contain spoilers for the full experience.

Transport Dock

SWGS Loading Dock 4

From within the Halcyon, guests are directed to the Transport Dock. Guests head down a long hallway to the shuttle doors.

SWGS Loading Dock 3

A map shows where on the ship you are located, and a small placard spells out the rules for the shuttle. All guests must return by the final shuttle time of 4:00 p.m. We asked what happens if you don’t make it, but crew members would only say we would be stranded on Batuu. In reality, we expect that Cast Members will arrange a bus or other transportation back to the Starcruiser.

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The touchpoint here is for tapping your MagicBand to mark your location so crew members can track who is on the ship and who is on Batuu.

SWGS Loading Dock 1

As it is public transportation on property, the masking guidelines apply while aboard the shuttle.

SWGS Loading Dock 2
SWGS Batuu Transport Sigil of the Select

A special pin, the Halcyon Sigil of the Select, is given to travelers heading to Batuu.

SWGS Batuu Transport Sigil of the Select 2

Shuttle Interior

SWGS Batuu Transport 1

The shuttle interior is heavily themed, with lights and effects on all sides. It’s also very small and feels crowded.

SWGS Shuttle to Batuu 6

The door slides closed, revealing that it is also themed.

SWGS Shuttle to Batuu 9

There are plenty of screens and displays scattered around the cabin.

SWGS Shuttle to Batuu 16
SWGS Shuttle to Batuu 10

The transport is captained by J6-F8, a droid pilot who is heard only through the speakers and invites passengers to “sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.” J6 also gives advice on places of interest in Black Spire Outpost as they travel to the planet.

SWGS Batuu Transport

Though he is unseen, a placard near the front of the transport features a picture of J6-F8. The placard reads:

Black Spire Outpost
Batuu Transport Company.
Oga Garra,

Your RX-Series
Pilot Droid
Shuttle Driver is

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SWGS Shuttle to Batuu 11
SWGS Shuttle to Batuu 12
SWGS Shuttle to Batuu 13

The cabin features light effects in several of the grates around the transport as the shuttle passes various other ships, unseen outside.

SWGS Shuttle to Batuu 14
SWGS Shuttle to Batuu 15
SWGS Shuttle to Batuu 17

The seven-minute journey ends at Docking Bay 3 in Black Spire Outpost on Batuu (in Disney’s Hollywood Studios).

Docking Bay 3

SWGS Shuttle to Batuu 18

After exiting the transport shuttle, guests enter a hallway that is open-air, giving them a taste of sunshine for the first time since entering the Halcyon.

SWGS Batuu Entrance 1

Oga has pasted her advertisement over the information board. It includes a map of how to reach her cantina.

SWGS Batuu Entrance 2

The advertisement reads:

Oga’s Cantina
Best Drinks in the Outer Rim
We serve all kinds here. – Oga Garra

SWGS Batuu Entrance 3

The hallway is themed in the same style as the rest of Black Spire Outpost, with the heavily aged concrete and faded paint.

SWGS Shuttle to Batuu 22
SWGS Shuttle to Batuu 25

Wires and other equipment line the top of the walls and span the gap of the hallway.

SWGS Batuu Entrance 5
SWGS Batuu Entrance 4

Rounding a corner at the end of the hallway, guests are directed out into a large, covered space inside Docking Bay 3.

SWGS Shuttle to Batuu 33
SWGS Batuu Entrance 6

Here, at the entrance to the Outpost, travelers are met by their personal concierge while planetside. He informed the guests of the offerings here on Batuu, including their Lightning Lane reservations for the attractions linked to their MagicBands, and their vouchers for lunch that can be redeemed at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo or Ronto Roasters (or any quick service at Disney’s Hollywood Studios). Purchases made in Black Spire Outpost can be held at Docking Bay 3 by the concierge and transported back to the guests’ cabins aboard the Halcyon later in the day.

SWGS Batuu Entrance 7

Take a look at our full flight down to Batuu on our YouTube channel, or by clicking the video below.

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  1. It really makes me happy to see Disney employing (sorry, “casting”) a person who moves about with a different form of personal mobility as a concierge / tour guide Cast Member. Love it!

  2. Man the inside looks impressive. It shows that you can make something from nothing. Plus my mom said that some of the transport ships to her always looked like box trucks so this I’m a way this fitting.

  3. Wow. Look at that. A transport that looks and feels like a transport. One that you’d never know was a box truck besides all the dumb haters crying about it before anyone ever saw the inside. Shocking.

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