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Tarp Removed From TRON Lightcycle Run Entrance at Magic Kingdom

Several areas of the TRON Lightcycle / Run exterior are being worked on at Magic Kingdom right now.

tron construction 0

We’ve been checking on the coaster almost daily to keep an eye on any changes for the past few years.

tron construction 8

Most of the hump in the canopy framework nearest Tomorrowland Speedway is now covered in white canopy pieces.

tron construction 5

Crew members in a cherry picker were working on the top of the canopy today.

tron construction 4

The strips wrap around long sections of the framework, providing shade to the exterior portion of the coaster.

tron construction 7

More white panels have been added to the edge of the canopy framework. They cover the underside leading to the Speedway track and are on the outside close to Space Mountain.

tron construction 2

Green sheathing is visible on the lockers structure behind the coaster.

tron construction 10

Crew members have been working on a second walkway that will go beneath the first.

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tron construction 9

Curved walls are taking shape for the walkway.

tron construction 15

It’s possible one walkway will be the entrance and the other the exit.

tron construction 12

A large pile of dirt blocks some of the view of construction.

tron construction 13

Some of the walls have been encased in concrete while others remain just wooden planks for now.

tron construction 16

At the entrance to the coaster, the grey tarp has been removed, revealing a steel structure and green sheathing.

tron construction 14

There is no current opening date for TRON Lightcycle / Run at Magic Kingdom.

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