Easter-themed treats from The Grand Cottage

REVIEW: The Grand Cottage Debuts With The Grand Egg, Hot Cross Buns, Whoopie Pie, and More at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa for Easter 2022

Here’s a first look at a brand new offering for Easter this year! The Grand Cottage at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa offers springtime treats.

grand cottage 3

When entering Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa from the Monorail, a bunny-shaped sign advertises The Grand Cottage.

grand cottage 4

It will be open daily through April 18, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

grand cottage 6

The “cottage” is a stand in the lobby, where the annual gingerbread house sits during the winter season.

grand cottage 5
grand cottage 8

The stand is white with pastel paneling.

grand cottage 10

Easter eggs and bunnies decorate the cottage.

grand cottage 12
Easter-themed treats from The Grand Cottage

We didn’t pick up every treat available, although we did get plenty in The Grand Combo Box — read that review here. We also picked up The Grand Egg, a Mickey Whoopie Pie, the Spring Garden Chocolate Dirt Cup, and a Hot Cross Bun.

easter the grand cottage first look 1

Now, here is everything we tried at The Grand Cottage. Some of these treats are available in The Grand Combo Box, and most are also sold separately.

The Grand Egg – $18.99

the grand egg 4
the grand egg
the grand egg 2

The edible white chocolate egg is covered in orange sprinkles.

the grand egg 5
the grand egg 6
the grand egg 1
the grand egg 3

We took it home to crack it open to see what was inside!

GrandEggInside 1

Cracking the egg open, we found jelly beans mixed in with the white chocolate pieces.

GrandEggInside 2

We found this to be fun, but we wish there were more jellybeans.

GrandEggInside 3

The chocolate is white and of good quality. The beans, meanwhile, are Jelly Belly.

GrandEggInside 4

It was fun to break, but it needs more beans for sure!

Mickey Whoopie Pie – $7.50

easter whoopie pie 19

The Cast Member said this was French toast-flavored, but we get mostly carrot and cinnamon.

easter whoopie pie 20

The cake was moist, and it had the perfect icing-to-cake ratio.

easter whoopie pie 23
easter whoopie pie 22

The Cast Member on duty raved about this one, but we found it mediocre.

Spring Garden Chocolate Dirt Cup – $6.00

easter dirt cup 26

This treat had layers of chocolate cake with crunchy pearls and cookie crumbs.

easter dirt cup 28

It’s comparable to other chocolate dirt cups you may get elsewhere at Walt Disney World.

easter dirt cup 30

The cake had a good consistency, and the buttercream was not too rich. We would get this again for sure!

Hot Cross Bun – $3.50

the grand cottage treats 2

This is like a sweet cinnamon raisin bread in bun form.

easter hot cross buns 31

The exterior is slightly sticky, and the inside is dense. Served warm, this is excellent!

easter hot cross buns 32
easter hot cross buns 33

Carrot Cream Cheese Coffee Cake – $9.00

the grand cottage treats 17

There are also plenty more treats available at The Grand Cottage including this Carrot Cream Cheese Coffee Cake.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
the grand cottage treats 16
the grand cottage treats 18
the grand cottage treats 19

Plant-Based Baby Chick Lemon Cupcake – $5.99

the grand cottage treats 24

There is also this adorable cupcake that has a baby chick on top. It is also plant-based!

the grand cottage treats 20
the grand cottage treats 22
the grand cottage treats 23
the grand cottage treats 21

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich – $7.50

the grand cottage treats 25

There is also a chocolate chip cookie sandwich with rainbow sprinkles on the outside.

the grand cottage treats 26
the grand cottage treats 27

Gourmet Marshmallow Box – $7.00

the grand cottage treats 28

You can also pick up this beautiful Gourmet Marshmallow Box.

the grand cottage treats 30

Five marshmallows are packed inside a white box. The box also a golden Grand Floridian sticker on it.

the grand cottage treats 31

Each marshmallow is a pastel color with its own flavor: red (watermelon), orange (blood orange), green (apple), blue (blueberry), and purple (raspberry).

the grand cottage treats 29

Raspberry Minnie Fudge – $5.50

the grand cottage treats 39

There is also this Raspberry Minnie Fudge.

the grand cottage treats 36

It is raspberry fudge shaped in a Minnie Mouse head, with a chocolate red bow.

the grand cottage treats 37
the grand cottage treats 38

Items in the Grand Box

The Grand Box includes Confetti Cake Flavored Popcorn, Chocolate Bunny, Crispy Cereal Egg, Carrot Blondie Pop, and a Grand Floridian logo cookie exclusive to the box.

Confetti Cake Flavored Popcorn – $10.00

easter popcorn b 16

This treat was probably our favorite.

easter popcorn b 17

The popcorn was coated in white chocolate with powdered sugar confetti.

easter grand box 24

It also had mini marshmallows and a few M&Ms.

easter grand box 26

It’s a good sharing size, and it’s also in the Grand Box.

Chocolate Bunny – $12.00

easter grand box 9

The chocolate bunny is your classic chocolate bunny.

easter grand box 10

The bunny is large enough to break and share.

easter grand box 11

It held up well for photos but quickly broke when it was time.

Crispy Cereal Egg – $5.00

the grand cottage treats 8

The crispy cereal egg was a crisp rice treat with a white chocolate coating.

easter grand box 21

This was a cute, themed version of a crisp rice treat, but it wasn’t anything special.

easter grand box 23

Carrot Blondie Pop – $7.00

the grand cottage treats 15

Unfortunately, the blondie inside this pop is dry and not any particular flavor.

easter grand box 17

The icing on the outside is sweet but does not have any flavor we can pick out.

easter grand box 18

The presentation was cute, and we loved taking photos with it.

easter grand box 20

However, the execution is lacking, and we will not get it again.

Which of these springtime sweets is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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