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REVIEW: Grand Box of Easter Treats from The Grand Cottage at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

We stopped by the Grand Cottage at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa to try the treats in the unique Grand Easter Box.

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The Grand Combo Box – $50.00

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When you purchase the Grand Box, you get five items for $50. One of the items, the Grand Floridian logo sugar cookie, is exclusive to the box.

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It’s suitable for sharing. However, if you were to purchase each treat on its own, it would add up to $34 (for the four items that guests can buy separately).

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The Carrot Blondie Pop ($7), the Crispy Cereal Egg ($5), The Chocolate Bunny ($12), and the Popcorn ($10) would add up to $34 for everything but the Grand Floridian Cookie.

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The egg cookie is exclusive to the box, so you’re basically paying $16 for the cookie (and the box comes with a smaller size of the popcorn).

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The options for the box aren’t too adventurous, so everyone would most likely enjoy them.

Grand Floridian Egg Cookie

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This cookie is the only item in the box that is not also sold separately.

easter grand box 14

This was a standard sugar cookie with a colorful fondant coating.

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easter grand box 16

Chocolate Bunny

easter grand box 9

The chocolate bunny was your classic chocolate bunny.

easter grand box 10

The bunny is large enough to break and share.

easter grand box 11

It held up well for photos but easily broke when it was time.

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Carrot Blondie Pop

easter grand box 17

Unfortunately, the blondie inside this pop is dry and not any particular flavor.

easter grand box 19

The icing on the outside is sweet but does not have any flavor we can pick out.

easter grand box 20

The presentation was cute, and we loved taking photos with it. However, the execution is lacking, and we will not get it again.

Crispy Cereal Egg

easter grand box 21

The crispy cereal egg was a crisp rice treat with a white chocolate coating.

easter grand box 22

This was a cute, themed version of a crisp rice treat, but it wasn’t anything special.

easter grand box 23

Confetti Cake Flavored Popcorn

easter grand box 24

This item was probably our favorite from the box!

easter grand box 25

The popcorn was coated in white chocolate with powdered sugar confetti.

easter grand box 26

It also had mini marshmallows, and M&Ms mixed in.

Overall Thoughts

We recommend buying these separately, as the cookie was super cute but nothing special. We’d expect more than an extra sugar cookie and a white box at this price point. The popcorn was the best item in the box, and the Grand Box comes with a smaller portion.

Will you be picking up this themed treat box? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Great article! Do you know if you can purchase that popcorn anywhere else? Possibly in the parks? I’m thinking Main St. Confectionary but not sure. Thanks so much!

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