Tokyo Disney Resort Shares Preview Video of Toy Story Hotel

Tokyo Disney Resort has shared a video preview of their new Toy Story Hotel, which will be opening on April 5, 2022.

toy story hotel 12.03.09 PM

The video includes a look at the exterior and interior of the hotel, which is full of wall-to-wall “Toy Story” references.

toy story hotel 12.03.16 PM
toy story hotel 12.03.20 PM

Giant versions of the “Toy Story” characters can be found throughout the resort.

toy story hotel 12.03.31 PM
toy story hotel 12.03.40 PM
toy story hotel 12.03.45 PM

The lobby has a Little Bo Peep board game on the ceiling and colored pencil columns.

toy story hotel 12.04.04 PM
toy story hotel 12.04.10 PM

The video included a look at some of the food that will be available at Lotso Garden Cafe.

toy story hotel 12.03.55 PM

A look inside one of the hotel rooms shows an Etch A Sketch TV, beds decorated with red bandanna runners, and cloud-covered walls — just like Andy’s room.

toy story hotel 12.04.23 PM
toy story hotel 12.04.29 PM
toy story hotel 12.04.40 PM

Check out merchandise for the Toy Story Hotel.

Are you hoping to stay at the Toy Story Hotel someday? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for our full coverage when it opens.

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2 thoughts on “Tokyo Disney Resort Shares Preview Video of Toy Story Hotel”

  1. I still think the building looks terrible, but everything else about the hotel looks incredibly charming. The Toy Story Land aesthetic feels a lot more appropriate as a hotel than it does as a theme park land. A hotel room that looks like Andy’s bedroom is such a terrific concept for a themed room. Definitely a room that will offer some great wish fulfillment for kids who love Toy Story…and also nostalgic adults like myself.

  2. Meanwhile, over here, we get the eternal trashfire known as the Galactic Starcruiser…by the way WDC, this is how you do a promotional video.

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