Universal Orlando Resort Increases Annual Pass Pricing

Universal Orlando Resort has increased the price of all levels of Annual Passes.

2 park annual pass universal increase 2

Each 2-park Annual Pass increased by $50 for out-of-state guests.

The new pricing for the out-of-state 2 Park Annual Passes is as follows:

  • 2 Park Seasonal Annual Pass – $399.99
  • 2 Park Power Annual Pass – $449.99
  • 2 Park Preferred Annual Pass – $499.99
  • 2 Park Premier Annual Pass – $714.99

Florida Residents save $100 on the Seasonal, Power, and Preferred 2 Park Passes and $115 on the 2 Park Premier Annual Pass.

3 park universal price increase 1

The 3 Park Passes also grant admission to Universal’s Volcano Bay water theme park.

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The new pricing for the out-of-state 3 Park Annual Passes is as follows:

  • 3 Park Seasonal Annual Pass – $499.99
  • 3 Park Power Annual Pass – $559.99
  • 3 Park Preferred Annual Pass – $609.99
  • 3 Park Premier Annual Pass – $904.99

Again, Florida Residents save $100 on the Seasonal, Power, and Preferred 3 Park Passes and $115 on the 2 Park Premier Annual Pass.

What do you think about this price increase? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. It was to be expected, I think. When was the last increase? They added a major roller coaster last year and seem to be having parks just as crowded as Disney’s. They also have the Minions attraction coming and a few upgrades being made to existing attractions (Mummy comes to mind).

    It’s still a better value than Disney too, when you think about the Premiere pass including Express after 4pm. All of those $15 Genie+ purchases, which will probably not always be $15, will add up quickly. Of course, you don’t have to purchase Genie+, over 50% of guests don’t. Still, unless you’re a FL resident and only desire the Pixie Pass, you can’t buy an AP at WDW right now anyway. That really ups the value of Universal’s passes. I expect Disney to raise the price of theirs whenever they return too.

    I will say that I find Volcano Bay to be way overvalued. It’s nice, but to compare, Disney gives you TWO water parks for $100 as an add-on to an annual pass. I’m not sure why anyone would take Universal up on that at almost $200 more with the Premiere Pass. Maybe, for the Premier, it’d due to express after 4pm? Although it seems like a good percentage of the year, Volcano Bay is seldomly open much later, so you get an hour or so when the water park is preparing to shut down for the day. Not sure that’s worth the premium. Maybe when it was brand new, but not today.

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