Baby Zebra Tragically Passes Away at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

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According to eyewitnesses, a young zebra passed away at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge yesterday.

The zebra was reportedly injured when it was chased by an ostrich into a fence and didn’t make it. Equine creatures like zebras are prone to serious injury, especially when running into something at their high running speeds.

The guest who reported it witnessed the sad incident yesterday morning and said that the Cast Member there was in “absolute tears.”

Though not confirmed, the zebra may have been Zarina, who was born last October and named in honor of the 50th anniversary since Zarina means “golden one” in Persian and the 50th is the golden anniversary.

Zarina was a Hartmann’s mountain zebra born to mom Zoey. The Hartmann’s mountain zebra is classified as a vulnerable species.

UPDATE: a Disney spokesperson told local news outlet WESH via email, “We are heartbroken over the loss of the zebra that passed away yesterday, and we ask that you keep our dedicated animal care Cast members in your thoughts.”

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  1. Rest In Peace little Zarina. She was a beautiful little Zebra. It’s truly heartbreaking! Hopefully, Animal Kingdom will review the grounds and safety measures especially for all infant animals and the perils that they may encounter! My sincerest condolences and deepest sympathies!

  2. This is sad but i thought they moved according to cms and the dak show on disney+ their on safaris now.still very sad. I remember someone on the jeep one time got pecked out by an ostrich bc the ostrich got too close nasty animals the person got off and reddy creek and 1st aide were waiting bc wdw is so on top of stuff.

  3. That is heart-wrenching. I hope Disney finds a way to deter animals from approaching the fence at any speeds, and to protect baby animals from being bullied or frightened to this degree by larger animals. This should not have happened.

  4. I’m sorry you lost your zebra I’m sure went to heaven jesus this zebra she lost baby Jesus and help the poeple took care of her and the baby we doing it I hope you have nice day

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