BREAKING: Disneyland Resort Will Not Allow Renewal of Dream and Believe Magic Key Passes

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Disneyland Resort has stated that it will not allow the renewal of expiring Dream and Believe Magic Key Passes at this time.

As of November 24, 2021, both passes were declared “sold out” and made unavailable to purchase. Since the passes only became available last August, it was unclear how renewal would be handled for “sold out” categories.

Thanks to Jeff (@jeffgordonla on Twitter), we know that now that guests’ passes are approaching their expiry dates, they are being informed that the Dream Key and Believe Key are sold out “at this time” and “currently not available for renewal.”

Magic Key Passes didn’t go on sale until August 2021, but the guest who received the e-mail response had upgraded to a pass from a ticket with unused days. Guests who upgraded tickets like these were given passes backdated to the first date of use, so their passes expire on May 1.

Disney recently came under fire due to the “no blackout dates” benefit of the Dream Key Pass as passholders still must acquire reservations. A civil lawsuit filed against the company claims that the lack of reservation availability is equivalent to blackout dates and therefore violates the contract.

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  1. I looked up what what happened. It’s a person who had their pass backdated to May 1st due to a military discount. This is ridiculous making an article like this with no context. The passes were released in August, there probably isn’t a plan in place at this point!

      1. Haven’t seen a Offical announcement from Disney Corp yet on renewal of Dream & Believe key passes.We go weekly
        I will ask a Disney supervisor this coming week when we’re at the parks Monday April 25.

  2. Keys came out in August and it is only April. In the past you were only able to renew up to 40 days in advance.

  3. Everyday Disney continues to disappoint to a new level and take more magic away. I have no words. What next pay to use the restroom? We don’t want cheap free sunglasses. We want time in the parks. We are not the ones packing snacks and bringing hydoflasks we are the ones eating drinking and shopping and getting our steps in safely as a single middle aged female that just loves the atmosphere but it is being ruined. No wonder the stocks continue to plunge.

    1. Amen sister!!! I feel the same way!! My bestie and I go at least once a month and easily spend $2k a piece each time we go! New Merch, food, drinks and the like!!

  4. We should not have to make reservations to go inside Disneyland🏩we should not have to make reservations to go inside Disneyland or California adventure we should buy a ticket when we want to not make a reservation so that we could go inside the park that’s not fair people who have a reservation can get in but the people who have a reservation can get in that’s not fair what you guys are doing

    1. If you made the drive and they turned you away because of capacity I think that would be much worse than grabbing a reservation near the date from someone canceling. They should actually stiffen the no show penalty for wasting a slot that could’ve had a guest.

      But with the criticism I can see them keeping the Enchant Key as like a flex pass and making a different and/or more expensive pass to replace the other 2 keys.

  5. What is the source for this information that “Disneyland has state” that renewals won’t be allowed? These passes did not go on sale until August 2021. Is anyone even eligible for renewal yet? Since renewals can’t be done until 40 days before expiration, it seems like we aren’t really going to know this information until sometime in July 2022.

  6. This doesn’t make sense?. So current passholders won’t be able to renew? This is the worst Disney news I can recall in the last 30 years. What? Fire Bob Paycheck!

  7. This has to be a side effect of them backdating that pass to May and not having the system in place to renew yet, since passes didn’t actually go on sale until August. There’s no way that Disney is going to force current magic keyholders to either cancel their passes or renew on a lower, cheaper tier. That would be money they would lose. This is a fringe case that won’t be applicable to 99% of the current keyholders.

    1. I agree with you. I worked on IT backend systems before and if the infrastructure isn’t there yet, it would be a mess to renew. This seems to be a small subset of people, at this point we are not talking about the majority of people who purchased.

      It could also just be a case of lazy customer service. It’s an email response, when people work on email support they have so many emails to go through they aren’t going to spend much time on this odd case and just move on.

  8. Rediculous my husband and I have the highest pass, we’ve missed 3 reservations due to health, we’re told via email last nite we are being penalized for 30 days no trips allowed to park, I sent a complaint requests 60 days of money returned we’ve paid , you take my money if I can’t go due to my health give me back our money for the days we can’t try to go Disneyland is out of control

    1. The Magic Key passes clearly state that if your plans change and you need to cancel your park reservation, cancel before midnight the day before to avoid a no show! It takes seconds to process and impotent to release the space so another person can book!

    2. Are you joking? This is in the terms. If you didn’t read that it’s on you. Additionally they want you each time you miss. You broke rules they’re very explicit about and you got penalized in exactly the way they told you you would be.

  9. I hope they release them again at 10x the price so most people can’t afford them. Would cut down on crowding a lot. Also if you could afford the $10-15k price tag, you could have a no blackouts pass with no reservation required as most wouldn’t be able to get this ticket for a family. 😀

  10. I have been very frustrated on lots of occasions because they made them so affordable. Every day passes should be an elite feature of the park. They’re sold out all the time because anyone can buy one and essentially have a cheap ticket to Disneyland. You should always be able to buy a season pass, and they should always be available because they should be priced in a way that allows fewer people to be able to afford them. They’re losing money anyway, if they could make the park less crowded by making it more expensive, that’s great.

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