Image Source: Francisco Z.

Child Climbs Pyramid at Coronado Springs Dig Site Pool, Rescued by Onlookers

A video uploaded to a Facebook group depicts a young child at the top of a decorative fountain being rescued by two swimmers next to the Dig Site Pool at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.

Image Source: Francisco Z.

WDWNT spoke to Francisco Z., who uploaded the video. He said, in part, “We then saw a child climbing to the top pyramid; not everyone at the pool noticed it at first. People then started looking and pointing to the pyramid.”

Image Source: Francisco Z.

The first man climbs up to the top to rescue the child.

Image Source: Francisco Z.

They slowly made their way down the stairs of the model Mayan ruins.

Image Source: Francisco Z.
Image Source: Francisco Z.

At this point, the first man passes the child safely to a second man.

It was not clear at press time what relation these two men had to each other or the child.

As far as we can tell, everyone is o.k., and that’s the most important thing.

Have you seen this feature at the Coronado Springs Resort pool?

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  1. 1) Why didn’t the adults use the dry steps on the side?

    2) Did Disney learn nothing from the Mexico pavilion? Looks like the bottom dry sides aren’t climbable, so why did they leave the middle to be steps?

    3) Aren’t you supposed to sacrifice the virgin on the top?

    4) This is why we can’t have nice things.

  2. We were there at the pool when it happened. I have video footage of the rescue. We all were horrified at what was happening as the kid climbed quite briskly up the pyramid. The little boy actually slipped at the very top and then stood up bumping his head on the roof top! The man who actually rescued the boy is NOT related to the him. He is a police officer there on vacation with his family. We talked to him after the incident. Apparently the mother of the child wasn’t there and the father was on “daddy duty”. This is what happens when parents think their children are someone else’s responsibility while they are on vacation. (They are not!) The man who climbed to the top to help the boy alerted the life guard who said they couldn’t leave their post! I think that is outrageous! Disney is lucky the kid and the man attempting to help him didn’t get hurt, especially when the life guard on duty should have climbed to get him.

    1. I agree that the lifeguard did the right thing by not believing his post and going after the child. He should have called the rescue squad. If he left his post and someone else drowned while he was helping that child, that would have been a terrible tragedy.

  3. Well that’s the end of that.
    Thanks to this kid’s irresponsible parents, expect that thing to be fenced off soon.

  4. I’m glad no one was hurt. Where were the cast members? It’s a themed pool, and themed pools always have life guards. They had a similar situation at EPCOT when a drunk adult climbed the Mayan pyramid there (exterior of Mexico). I supposed we can also ask the obvious. WHERE WERE THE PARENTS?

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