Guest Arrested with Gun Hanging Around His Neck While Ingesting Bag of Chalky White Substance Outside Magic Kingdom

Outside the Magic Kingdom, Orange County Sheriff’s deputies confronted Quincy Campbell who was caught with a gun hanging around his neck going through security, a report said. He was already in trouble.

That’s when, the report said, Campbell pulled a plastic baggy from his pocket and thrust the contents in his mouth as deputies tried to stop him.

Deputies ordered Campbell to spit it out but Campbell kept chewing. They could see “a chalky white substance” around his mouth, the sheriff’s report said.

“I swallowed a piece of the gum,” Campbell insisted to them.

Deputies didn’t believe him.

Campbell, 33, of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, destruction of evidence and possession of cannabis, according to Orange Circuit Court records. The firearm and evidence destruction charges are felonies while the cannabis charge is a misdemeanor. 

Campbell had gone through bag check March 19 when Disney Security realized he had a gun in a black bag around his neck. He told deputies he was holding onto the gun for his sister, who has a concealed weapons license. Campbell, an ex-felon, did not have a gun permit himself, he told deputies.

“Campbell then stated he didn’t think anything of the weapon, he just grabbed the bag,” the sheriff’s report said.

The situation escalated.
Campbell got “agitated” and pulled out the plastic bag with the unknown contents. 

One deputy grabbed Campbell’s left arm and somehow with his right hand, Campbell pulled out the bag. A struggle with deputies ensued and Campbell put the bag in his mouth, the report said. Deputies ordered him to spit it out.

“Campbell kept pushing and pulling,” the sheriff’s report said.

One deputy said he put his hand around Campbell’s neck and then held onto Campbell’s head to keep him from escaping and swallowing whatever was in the bag. Campbell still swallowed it anyway.

Campbell was taken to the emergency room to make sure he was OK and then transported to jail.

Authorities found leftover chalky white substance on the ground where the fight happened and collected it as evidence to analyze it. The initial report didn’t reveal their findings, and no additional information was immediately available from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

When reached for comment Thursday, Campbell said again he was chewing bubble gum. “That was it,” he said.

He declined to comment further without his lawyer’s permission and didn’t call back.