Jurassic World the Ride splashdown

Magical Mead, Blistering Heat, and a Cool Splashdown at Jurassic World: Universal Studios Hollywood Photo Report 4/7/22

Quiet on set; we’re ready to roll! We headed out to Universal Studios Hollywood today to soak up the suddenly warm weather here in the Southland and see what else we could find to dazzle and delight. So come along to see everything we found at Universal Studios Hollywood in today’s photo report.


Toothsome Const 1

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen construction is still buzzing along. A large section of ground has been torn up as trenching continues.

Toothsome Const 2
HHN Constrcution

And nearby at the Halloween Horror Nights construction area near the Curious George parking structure, it seems like painting is underway, as the wood panels are all being blackened.

KBxIhldi HHN Construction 2

The façade entrance is clearly becoming a traditional house, with slatted windows for a creepy vibe. Think you know what maze this will be? Let us know in the comments below.

USH Entrance arch and Hogwarts

Temperatures tipped up to 100° in parts of Southern California today, for the first time this year. It’s not that we can’t handle the heat, it just came out of nowhere and we were unprepared for full summer all at once. Let’s head into the park and find somewhere to cool off.

Upper Lot

Filmmakers statue USH Stock

The Filmmakers statue at the entrance to the park is just beautiful, but the attention to detail is really amazing. See how the light creates a dotted line pattern inside the camera barndoors? This is from the sunlight shining through the hinges on the edge of the barndoors, exactly as it would on the real thing. This has been sculpted to recreate the exact same type of hinges used on this piece of equipment. Rather than just making it flat all the way across as could be expected for a statue, there are little gaps to preserve that authenticity. This park never ceases to amaze with little tidbits like that.

Transformers shirt

Inside the Studio Store, we found some cool new apparel featuring the Autobot symbol.

Jurassic World Tumbler and shot glassq

And some new drinkware pieces to join the Jurassic World line of tropical flora-inspired apparel and accessories.

Jurassic World hoodie

We found a super cool hoodie with the Jurassic World logo, from the film poster styling rather than the Jurassic World logo used for that part of the park.

Hogwarts bottle

For any fans of Hogwarts overall, we found a new water bottle, as seen above, and a t-shirt, as seen below. The shirt seems to match the sticky notes and folder set that we found last month.

Hogwarts houses shirt
Hogwarts Express USH stylized

We needed some more magic, so we hopped on a train to Hogsmeade to hit the pub and socialize.

Mead Hogs Head Pub Wizarding World

In Hog’s Head pub, we noticed that a new Bungbarrel Spiced Mead is now available on draught.

Mead pull handle Hogs Head Pub USH

We just had to give it a shot. Take a look at our full review right here.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
Lard Lad donuts vertical stock

And after a glass of fermented honey wine, we needed something solid. What better place to wash down your sweets than with more sweets from Lard Lad?

Lard Lad donuts

Don’t those just look delicious? How are we supposed to say no to that? With a belly full of fried dough and mead, we headed to the escalators to the Lower Lot (because there’s no way we’re taking the stairs after all that sugar, especially in this heat).

Lower Lot sign wide USH

New electronic signs have been added to the Lower Lot archway.

Lower Lot sign left tight USH

The left sign provides wait times for the attractions available downstairs.

Lower Lot sign right tight USH

The right side denotes the location of the handicap transportation entrance. One or both of these signs will likely be in use for governing entrance times to the upcoming Super Nintendo World when it opens next year.

Super Nintendo World construction 120324 scaled

Speaking of which, let’s take a look at the construction progress on that land. You can see our whole in-depth look at the progress right here.

Super Nintendo World Construction

Lower Lot

Revenge of the Mummy the Ride USH

These two are used to the heat of the sands of Egypt, so they aren’t sweating as much as we are.

Jurassic World foliage

This is more apt. Jurassic World’s jungle foliage and embedded misters provide some relief from the punishing sun, but we know the best way to cool off at Universal Studios Hollywood is on the ride itself.

Stegosaurus Jurassic World the Ride

We spotted a sun-bleached baby Stegosaurus on a cliff and nearby…

Stegosaurus mama Jurassic World the Ride

… her watchful mother.

Indominus sign Jurassic World the Ride
Indominus Rex Jurassic World the Ride USH stock

After a brief encounter with the Indominus Rex, we were ready for that splashdown!

Jurassic World the Ride splashdown

Thanks for riding along with us on our photo report from Universal Studios Hollywood. That’s a wrap!

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