NzTOW0c2 merchandise roundup 04.23.22

Merchandise Roundup 4/23/22: Character Water Bottles, Dr. Strange Hat, Princess Tees, Walt Disney Mug, and More

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Welcome to the merchandise roundup for April 23, 2022! Each new day brings new merchandise to Walt Disney World, and we know you don’t want to miss a thing, so we gather new releases here. This week we visited EPCOT, Disney Springs, and Magic Kingdom; let’s look at our discoveries.

toy story 4 water bottle 2

Several character-themed water bottles are available throughout EPCOT. We already found the matching “Frozen 2” water bottle at The Fjording.

Minnie Mouse and Figaro Water Bottle – $14.99

minnie mouse figaro water bottle 3

This Minnie bottle was in World Traveler at EPCOT.

minnie mouse figaro water bottle 2

Minnie is wearing a pink dress and bow on the side of the yellow translucent bottle.

minnie mouse figaro water bottle 5

She’s surrounded by more bows, flowers, and a white picket fence.

minnie mouse figaro water bottle 6

Her cat, Figaro, peeks through the fence.

minnie mouse figaro water bottle 8

There are two images of Minnie.

minnie mouse figaro water bottle 7

The cap is yellow and pink.

minnie mouse figaro water bottle 1

Mickey Mouse Water Bottle – $14.99

mickey mouse water bottle 7

This bottle is translucent teal and reads “stay cool.”

mickey mouse water bottle 6

Mickey is pictured with palm trees and the sun.

mickey mouse water bottle 2

In one image, he’s wearing sunglasses and leaning against a tree.

mickey mouse water bottle 1
mickey mouse water bottle 4

The cap is yellow and red.

mickey mouse water bottle 3

This and the rest of the water bottles were in Creations Shop.

Toy Story Water Bottle – $12.99

toy story 4 water bottle 4

This bottle is dark blue and features characters from “Toy Story 4.”

toy story 4 water bottle 1

The characters include Ducky, Bunny, Rex, Woody, Bo Peep, Buzz, and Forky.

toy story 4 water bottle 9
toy story 4 water bottle 7
toy story 4 water bottle 5
toy story 4 water bottle 8

The cap is yellow and red.

toy story 4 water bottle 6

Disney Princess Water Bottle – $12.99

disney princess water bottle 7

This bottle, made of different shades of pink, features Disney Princesses Aurora, Ariel, Moana, Cinderella, and Mulan.

disney princess water bottle 3

They are surrounded by flowers and animals.

disney princess water bottle 8
disney princess water bottle 6
disney princess water bottle 4
disney princess water bottle 1
disney princess water bottle 2

Grogu Water Bottle – $12.99

grogu water bottle 2

Finally, this Grogu water bottle is clear, with a cartoon Grogu face peeking out of the bottom.

grogu water bottle 7

It reads, “May the Force be with you.”

grogu water bottle 1

The other side features the Mandalorian carrying Grogu in his bag.

grogu water bottle 5

Grogu is also hanging off the “Star Wars” logo.

grogu water bottle 6

The cap is blue and green.

grogu water bottle 3

Walt Disney Quote Mug – $14.99

walt disney quote mug

This white mug features translucent images of Walt Disney and Cinderella Castle against the empty Florida land that Walt Disney World would eventually be built on.

walt disney quote mug 6

The image is on both sides, outlined in blue.

walt disney quote mug 1
walt disney quote mug 2

Between them, the mug reads “Vision” and features this quote from Walt Disney: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

walt disney quote mug 4

There are subtle Mickey heads debossed across the mug.

walt quote mug 9

The inside is blue. It was in World Traveler at EPCOT.

Captain America Pen – $12.99

captain america pen 1

We found these two superhero pens in Creations Shop.

captain america pen 4

This one is shaped like Captain America, with his arm holding his shield up high.

captain america pen 3

The legs come off to reveal the pen.

captain america pen 2

Black Panther Pen – $12.99

black panther pen 5

The Black Panther pen is shaped like the hero with his arms crossed against his chest.

black panther pen 3

His legs are also removable to use the pen.

black panther pen 4
black panther pen 2

Walt Disney World T-Shirt- $36.99

walt disney world tee shirt creations 3

Also in Creations Shop was this mint green tee featuring Walt Disney World park icons.

walt disney world tee shirt creations 7

The Walt Disney World logo is on the front and center.

walt disney world tee shirt creations 6

Spaceship Earth, Tree of Life, Cinderella Castle, and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror are along the bottom, with clouds, flowers, and fireworks around them.

walt disney world tee shirt creations 1

The short sleeves are folded.

walt disney world tee shirt creations 4

Ariel Bracelet – $54.99

princess bracelets 44

Three new bracelets inspired by Disney Princesses were in Creations Shop.

princess bracelets 45

This one is made of light purple beads with a seashell charm.

princess bracelets 46

Cinderella Bracelet – $54.99

princess bracelets 48

This one is blue with a glass slipper charm.

princess bracelets 49

Belle Bracelet – $54.99

princess bracelets 50

This one has golden beads with an Enchanted Rose charm.

princess bracelets 51

J’adore Mickey Water Bottle – $27.99

jadore mickey water bottle 5

At World of Disney in Disney Springs, we found this black bottle reading “J’adore Mickey.”

jadore mickey water bottle 2

The letters are white against a red heart.

jadore mickey water bottle 6
jadore mickey water bottle 4
jadore mickey water bottle 3

Blue Tie-Dye Mickey Water Bottle – $27.99

blue tie dye water bottle 5

Also in World of Disney is this tie-dye blue bottle.

blue tie dye water bottle 6

Mickey’s full body is pictured in black on one side.

blue tie dye water bottle 1
blue tie dye water bottle 3
blue tie dye water bottle 4

Toy Story Mug – $14.99

toy story mug 5

This mug is blue with white clouds, just like the classic wallpaper from “Toy Story.”

toy story mug 6

“Reach for the sky” is printed in different fonts on one side.

toy story mug 1
toy story mug 4
toy story mug 3

This was also in World of Disney.

Mickey Mouse Candle Holder – $34.99

candle holder mickey mouse 2

This candle holder is white with open dots, and Mickey heads.

candle holder mickey mouse 6
candle holder mickey mouse 5
candle holder mickey mouse 4

It was also in World of Disney.

Monsters, Inc. 20th Anniversary Mug – $19.99

monsters inc mug 3

This mug is black and reads “We scare because we care!” with the Monsters, Inc. logo.

monsters inc mug 6

The inside is teal green and says “20th anniversary” for 20 years of “Monsters, Inc.”

monsters inc mug

When a hot liquid is poured into the mug, the designs will come to life in full color.

monsters inc mug 2

Mike and Sulley peek out of a blue door with “Boo” below them.

monsters inc mug 5
monsters inc mug 7

The handle is teal green.

monsters inc mug 8

Randall’s silhouette above “Are we scared yet?” is in another doorway.

monsters inc mug 9

This mug was in World of Disney at Disney Springs.

Tie-Dye Mickey Hooded Tee – $44.99

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 5

This tie-dye long-sleeved shirt is white, blue, pink, and yellow.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 0

Mickey is at the center, his face, shoes, and shorts also tie-dyed. It reads “Mickey Mouse” and “Classic & Original.”

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 2
merchandise roundup 04.23.22 1

It has a hood.

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merchandise roundup 04.23.22 3
merchandise roundup 04.23.22 6

“Turning Red” Noodle Bowl Set – $29.99

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 18

This set acts as either two bowls or one bowl with a lid.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 13

The top bowl is the smiling face of Mei in her red panda form.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 11

The bottom bowl is purple with early 2000s icons around the edge.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 7

There is a 4-Town CD, Tamagotchi, and boom box.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 9

All the icons are blue and pink.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 10
merchandise roundup 04.23.22 12

There is a pink panda emoji and microphone.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 16
merchandise roundup 04.23.22 15
merchandise roundup 04.23.22 14

Mickey Mouse Travel Mug – $22.99

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 23

This travel mug is white, with Mickey in his red shorts on one side.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 22

His debut year — 1928 — and “Original Mickey” are printed around him.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 21
merchandise roundup 04.23.22 19

It has a translucent red cap.

Princess Tiana Tee – $36.99

wdw princess apparel 0

We found several new shirts in DisneyStyle. This one is white with pink sleeves and a pink v-neck.

wdw princess apparel 2

Tiana’s crown is on the left breast.

wdw princess apparel 3

“I’m not your everyday princess” is embroidered along the bottom.

wdw princess apparel 4

Daisy & Donald Shirt – $36.99

wdw princess apparel 5

This shirt is yellow with a tied waist.

wdw princess apparel 6

Daisy and Donald Duck’s heads are pictured on the left breast with their names.

wdw princess apparel 7
wdw princess apparel 9

The ducks are pictured full body on the back.

wdw princess apparel 10

Jasmine Tee – $36.99

wdw princess apparel 15

This light pink tee reads, “Not a prize to be won.”

wdw princess apparel 17

The letters are black, running down one side of the shirt. A purple version of Genie’s lamp is at the bottom.

wdw princess apparel 18

Pocahontas Tee – $39.99

wdw princess apparel 19

This light brown tee features Pocahontas’ silhouette.

wdw princess apparel 21

“Listen with your heart” is on the pocket.

wdw princess apparel 22

Ariel Tank – $36.99

wdw princess apparel 23

This purple tank is inspired by Princess Ariel.

wdw princess apparel 24

“Ready to stand” is around the neckline.

wdw princess apparel 25

“Sick of swimming” is in the center.

wdw princess apparel 26

“Bright young woman” is down the side.

wdw princess apparel 27

A mermaid tail is at the bottom edge of the tank.

wdw princess apparel 28

These princess shirts are all part of a new “In A Land Far Away” Princess Collection.

wdw princess apparel 30

Joy Button-Up – $59.99

joy shirt 0

This split-color shirt is blue and orange.

yNg9bnjF joy shirt 1

“Joy” is in yellow, pink, and teal letters on the orange side.

tKvwqMno joy shirt 2

Joy from “Inside Out” is pictured on the blue side with yellow lines and stars shining around her.

joy shirt 4

“Inside Out” Jacket – 59.99

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 24

This jacket is yellow and zips up halfway.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 28

The zippers are blue.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 25

It has a high neck.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 26

There’s a front pocket.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 30

On the left breast are five orange and blue circles with sketch versions of the “Inside Out” emotions inside.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 29

The sleeves have large orange stripes.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 31
merchandise roundup 04.23.22 32

More images of the emotions are on the back.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 38
merchandise roundup 04.23.22 34

Joy holds a pink ball next to “It’s a great day!”

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 33

Disgust looks disgusted next to a few clouds.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 35

“Don’t talk to me!” is printed next to Fear and “It’s okay to be sad” next to Sadness.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 36

Anger is blowing up.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 37

It reads “I’m on fire!” and, “I think we have a problem” beneath him.

This jacket and all of the above shirts were in DisneyStyle at Disney Springs.

Marvel Sweatshorts by Our Universe – $74.99

marvel shorts 5

These new Marvel sweatshorts were in Superhero Headquarters at Disney Springs.

marvel shorts 1

They are black with red stripes down the side. The Marvel logo is repeated along the stripes.

marvel shorts 3

These are part of the Our Universe collection of Her Universe.

marvel shorts 4

They have pockets and a drawstring waist.

marvel shorts 2

“Turning Red” Mug – $19.99

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 45

This mug resembles Mei in her red panda form.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 41

Her eyes are wide and shining. She has her paws next to her mouth.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 43
merchandise roundup 04.23.22 44

Her striped tail is on the back.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 47

This was in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

“Lilo & Stitch” Pet Tee Shirt – $24.99

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 53

This pet tee is blue and features Lilo and Stitch on the back.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 49

Stitch is holding an ice cream cone while Lilo plays guitar. Her doll, Scrump, is next to her, and palm trees are in the background.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 51

It reads, “‘Ohana means family.”

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 50
merchandise roundup 04.23.22 48

This was in the Emporium.

Doctor Strange Ball Cap – $29.99

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 59

This blue cap has a patch of the golden Eye of Agamotto embroidered on the front.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 58
merchandise roundup 04.23.22 56

The inside of the cap is checkered reddish-brown and blue with a bird symbol.

merchandise roundup 04.23.22 55
merchandise roundup 04.23.22 57

This was in Town Square Theater at Magic Kingdom.

“The Sword in the Stone” Pin – $12.99

sword in the stone pin

Finally, we found this pin at Sunset Ranch Pins and Souvenirs in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

sword in the stone pin 1

It features Merlin placing a crown on Wart, a.k.a. King Arthur.

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  1. More see through, paper-thin t shirts. Why can’t they use quality shirts? They sell these see-through shirts for $25-$35. Better quality shirts can be found with landsend or Christopher and Banks. Shoppers beware: check the items very carefully before purchasing as Disney has fallen off the wagon on quality control.

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