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More of Seuss Landing Entrance Arch Taken Down at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

More of the archway at the entrance to Seuss Landing at Universal’s Islands of Adventure has been taken down. Most of the archway was first taken down at the end of last year. Let’s take a closer look.

seuss landing arch 18
seuss landing arch 23

The archway was originally removed right before Christmas last year for maintenance. The arch reportedly collapsed during park hours one day.

seuss landing arch 24

Then we noticed one day last week that more of the archway has been removed.

seuss landing arch 19

On the right side of the entrance, a pink and orange piece was cut off the top.

seuss landing arch 25
seuss landing arch 21

On the left side, there used to be a curved purple piece at the top.

seuss landing arch 22
seuss landing arch 26

Further down the left side, these parts still look the same.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
seuss landing arch 27
seuss landing arch 28
seuss landing arch 29

UPDATE: As of today, even more of the archway has been removed.

more seuss landing arch 22
more seuss landing arch 18

On the right side, there is almost no part of the archway remaining.

more seuss landing arch 19
more seuss landing arch 20
more seuss landing arch 21

It will be interesting to see what they replace it with or if there will be a completely new archway.

For reference, here is what the archway used to look like, with Who-liday decorations and all.

original archway

And here is the archway after it first collapsed.


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