Disney Installs ‘No Trespassing’ and ‘No Photography’ Signage Around Former ‘Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show’ at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

As site prep is likely set to begin soon for the new Disney Vacation Club expansion to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, signage has gone up around the former site of the “Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show” informing guests to not trespass or document the site.

The area around the former dinner show’s entrance remains walled off, with “No Trespassing” signs on top. Just below is a sign declaring “Project Team Only” and “No photography or video recordings unless authorized.”

The site of the show itself is mostly untouched except for these signs. Even the “Disney’s Spirit of Aloha” sign still hangs above.

Are you disappointed to see this beloved fixture of Walt Disney World go? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Disney changes, I get that… But this one is so unnecessary. I guess I’ll just be happy that I got the memories from it that I did.

  2. Disney has now went to the proverbial dogs it seems I have always loved Disney and loved the Lual it he ones who have taken charge at Disney is turning it from a family place to all purverts only place

  3. You know what disappoints me most is that Disney is afraid of some pictures being taken. There are many that would like to get a pic for nostalgia reasons. No trespassing is fine. With no pic signage it now makes me wonder what their hiding. It is not like it is a backstage area noone has seen.

    1. These signs are normal. They always put this sign up when they’re working on new projects they don’t want spoiled yet. They did it with the new steakhouse in the contemporary too. They’re not afraid of pictures being taken, they don’t want the new magic to be spoiled by nosy sites like WDWNT. Also guests literally can’t behave themselves anymore. Someone climbed the castle a few months ago to get pictures even though it’s pretty obvious you shouldn’t go up there. Their excuse was there wasn’t a sign. They need signs otherwise people will invite themselves in.

      1. The magic of them demolishing a stage for a Radisson Inn. Please, don’t let anyone hear you.

        Also, signs like that are bad show, they used to be themed or feature characters. I doubt the person dumb enough to enter wouldn’t react differently to either.

  4. This was a special event for my wife & I on our honeymoon in 1984. We finally made it to Hawaii after 33 years of marriage. We were looking forward to attending this event again this year, since Covid restrictions are ending. It will be sad that another special thing in our life is gone.

  5. We were there for two weeks of spring break just last week . we all 11 of us were just sick of what this Bob and the Disney board has done to the parks. Half the rides were closed, most of the shops closed, very limited eatery’s. And that new genie system sucks! It has everyone running around with their faces in their phones. Only to end up in long lines.
    40 plus years of being a Disney family.and going every year as a family.
    We’re all done, Disney and it’s new Woke political drive is not what Walt ever wanted to happen to the happiest place in the world ,what a damn shame.
    Disney will ever get a dime of my family’s
    Vacation money again.
    This Guy must Go!
    The Disney board members must wake up and stop this crazy stuff.
    Let’s hope the silent majority rocks their world.
    Sorry Walt this is not the parks you wanted nor do a lot of us.Bye

  6. So sad, the new signs should read..
    Welcome to Bob’s World
    So done with Disney

    1. WDW went to the dogs long ago! Mr. Disney wanted a place where the “normal” family could go and have a beautiful happy day! Well at these prices the “NORMAL” family can not afford! Mr. Disney is rolling over in his grave! When it costs $1000. A day for tickets, then for extras like food, water or drinks that can be another $300. The Disney company now says it’s going to raise prices, close down some of the popular attractions? You have to make reservations just to go the park, I have had enough of Disney!

  7. This was the one special dinner show that both kids and adults good enjoy. It’s just another example of how Disney is no longer the Disney it used to be.

  8. This show really meant a lot to me and my family- and most likely to a lot of polynesians too. Before they ever had my sister and I, my parents were brought over by Disney from Hawaii back in ’94 to work at the lu’au. I don’t want to get too much into it, but, from what i’ve heard at least, they really impacted this show: They re-cheorographed some of the (cultural/traditional) numbers; as well as, remake some of the costumes (e.g. the Tahitian morés and, I believe, the hei upo’os) from scratch. But when they had my sister and I, they left the show and ended up working at other jobs at WDW; however, we would still come by and visit the greenroom to say hello to the cast/old friends- all of whom my sister and I still refer to as our aunts and uncles. Long story short, this lu’au was more than just a show to me: it was my childhood; it was home; and most importantly, it was family.

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