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Reedy Creek Firefighters Association Concerned About Possible Benefit Loss from District Dissolution

Reedy Creek Firefighters Association President Jon Shirey expressed concern to the Orlando Sentinel that current and retiree firefighters could lose benefits if the Reedy Creek Improvement District dissolves.

According to Shirey, lifelong health insurance and lifetime Disney passes could be at risk if the dissolution goes through.

However, Shirey noted that both Florida Governor Ron Desantis and the Florida Legislature have passed laws supportive of Florida’s first responders.

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“We’re just going to remain confident that when this is all said and done and however it ends, they’ll take care of us one way or another,” Shipley said.

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  1. Disney is telling shareholders (while the stock price is dropping) that Florida cannot take away their sovereignty. The firefighters may have to wait to see how this plays out. The police were more fortunate–they work for the state of Florida not Reedy Creek.

  2. Desantis only cares about getting his name in the news, not about the now estimated property tax increase of 25% for all Osceola and Orange County property owners, or the hard working Firefighters, municipal workers who face loss of jobs or benefits. Gotta get in the press, create a circus for 2024 run. Hopefully he’ll lose re-election after imposing the highest tax increase in national history, all to get his face on TV. I’ll say this much, I don’t know of anyone who has gone against the mouse and didn’t lose. LOL

  3. “I’ll say this much, I don’t know of anyone who has gone against the mouse and didn’t lose.”

    You may not know anyone, but people have beat the mouse. Typically, the plaintiff gets paid off, to avoid court. Having spoken to an attorney that represents Disney in lawsuits, $25,000 is the average payout to make a claim go away. But you never hear about it because, a gag order is the string that’s attached to the payout.

    1. Well looks like your fictitious attorney didnt tell you what the plaintiffs (fake lawsuits -ohh i got a back ache after riding big thunder) sued for (millions of $$$) and got a measly 25K & how about Disney getting exonerated.

  4. The Florida GOP Party has no clue on how to govern, they are only concerned about donations to indirectly fund their lifestyles. The way that they voted on the bill to dissolve RCID is not allowed. RCID is not able to be dissolved because their bonds need to be paid. Dissolving the RCID will save Disney money because they already pay property taxes. The only entity that wants to dissolve the RCID is the Florida GOP, RCID nor its largest taxpayer does not, Osceola and Orange Counties do not.

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