Some Walt Disney World Cast Members to Receive Paid Time Off for ‘Power Up Days’

In May, Walt Disney World will launch Power Up Days, a new program giving eligible Cast Members paid days off.

Eligible full-time Cast Members will receive two paid days off, while eligible part-time Cast Members will receive one paid day off.

Cast Members in domestic full-time and part-time salaried positions and non-union hourly Cast, Imagineers, and employees are eligible. Walt Disney World is working with union representatives to launch a similar program for unioned Cast Members.

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Power Up Days will allow Cast Members to “rest, recharge and focus on well-being and mental health.” The program is expected to only be available this year.

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  1. Um… do they not get a normal 2 weeks of Vacation time after being with the company for a certain yime frame, or accrue any sick leave regularly? I’m very confused.

  2. Two paid days off where CM can use how they want. Because they deserve some time off. Wow.
    For anyone unfamiliar with the current leave policy, most CM get 3 paid call free sick days a year and can earn two weeks paid vacation if a full time CM.
    And frequently employees are sick and go to work anyway. Because
    CM get assessed points if they call out sick past those 3 free paid sick days….
    (Even with a doctor note.)
    Good luck to the CM getting their vacations approved, which they put in for in December of the year preceding the one they’d like vacation in, and btw, it goes by seniority if it’s approved and you’re hired in the last 3 years you e hit the jackpot.
    CM also get a couple of floating holidays, but good luck randomly through the year seeing something you’d like to do for yourself or your family spontaneously and getting a day off. Frequently CM are refused days off.
    And in some lines of business they mandate overtime and schedule a CM to work 6 and 7 days a week.
    CM should say thanks but no thanks for the empty gesture of two power up days for this year. They are useless and will probably go unused by CM who genuinely need the personal time off whose dpep segments are understaffed and burnt out from doing excessive overtime.

  3. It appears this “extra” PTO is part of a special incentive program that is in additional to the standard PTO benefits most FT CMs get.

  4. cast members may not get the best vacation day package available but my cm family member gets MANY MORE days off than I do. I currently started a new job this past November and I get Zero (0) vacation days. I am able to get one week this july and then it will stay at one week for years. My cm family member can trade shifts and request unlimited number of days off at disney. She has always been able to. As long as someone trades with her or her leader has someone to put on the schedule, she gets the day off. I would guesstimate it at 85% of the time. She gets sooooo many days to come home and visit, attend concerts, and so much more. She was thrilled to hear she also gets these two days off this year in addition. Be grateful when Disney finally does give you something. The cms have not gotten much these past two years. Also, their blockout dates for the parks have finally been lifted. They were ridiculous dates up until about a week ago. Thank God that family can now visit and not be blocked out with their guest passes!

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