Automated PhotoPass Cameras Reactivated, New 50th Anniversary Magical Interactive Backdrop for Mickey Mouse Meet & Greet at Magic Kingdom

Since Mickey returned to his Town Square Theater location for meet and greets, he has been accompanied by a PhotoPass photographer. Now, the Automated PhotoPass camera is once again responsible for capturing guests’ memories instead of a Cast Member.

A character attendant directs guests to smile at the bookshelf where the camera is located.

After your photo is taken, you can tap your MagicBand or PhotoPass card at the machine once you’ve found your party’s photo. In the above photo, you can see our result. The photo is taken at a slight angle at a wide distance to allow for large parties.

Mickey is now posing in front of a new 50th anniversary backdrop instead of the red curtain. We took some photos of our own to capture the new set.

The new backdrop features a “magical” effect where sparkles come from the hat on Mickey’s left and light up a “50” over the Mickey Mouse emblem.

What do you think of the return of Automated PhotoPass cameras? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I absolutely hate it! Why are we paying approx 200.00 for photopass to have a box take a crappy picture. The photopass photographers capture the moments.

  2. Possibly a once in a lifetime picture and Disney relies on an automated camera. Way to capture a memory! So sad, so cheap. Just another example of pay more, get less.

  3. NO! We always buy Photopass and love the photographers. NOT worth the money to get a hum-drum photo from a “box”! Disney is really going downhill!

  4. Yet another disappointing decision… these pictures are NOT good and not worth the price.
    Bring back real photographers.

    1. Disney is about family. Having an automatic photo box is not family. A photographer captures the moment and mood. Please do not go so crazy about having everything deal with technology,keep human touches!!!

  5. Way to go Disney taking away more jobs from the awesome photo pass photographers. I hate the automated boxes they can’t capture the candid shots like the photographers can. This is coming from a former photo pass CM who loved capturing those candid moments for guests.

  6. I have tried to like the automated camera boxes, but to try to direct a “happy” emotion to a lifeless prop is awkward, uncomfortable and feels completely insincere. With a person directing the action, making jokes, celebrating your event and aiming the camera in real time, and able to react to real moments (spontaneous hug, tears, laughter, etc) you capture what can literally be the best picture in a person’s life. This type of thing happens at Disney….until it is taken away.

  7. Saving a few pennies again but will ultimately cost pounds in the future.
    You need a photographer to actually make sure the party fit in the photo properly, unlike the photo here with tons of empty space all around.

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