VIDEO: Behind-the-Scenes Preview of New Nighttime Spectacular ‘Momentous’ Coming to Hong Kong Disneyland, First Look at Merchandise

When Hong Kong Disneyland first unveiled the completed Castle of Magical Dreams in 2020, they promised a new nighttime show would follow in the future. Now, the park is finally ready to debut the new show “Momentous” next month!

“Momentous” is set over the span of six chapters, with about 150 Disney characters from close to 40 various Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios stories through different special stages in life. Starting with those precious first moments, to encompassing life’s greatest experiences, achievements, and difficulties. Through it all, guests are reminded to treasure those with whom they share the journey of life, and all the adventures along the way.

With a soaring overture, the Castle transforms into a beautiful, ornate timepiece. Its magic- infused fountains embody the ever-flowing “Waters of Time,” revealing meaningful moments from the beloved Disney animated films.

As the sun rises on the first chapter “Time Begins,” guests witness tender moments of new beginnings with beloved Disney and Pixar characters, and celebrate the joyful innocence of tiny infants. The scene will feature Kala holding Tarzan celebrating the birth of life, baby Dumbo swinging in his mother’s long trunk feeling safe and loved, and toddler Riley from “Inside Out” learning how to walk. Each fleeting moment reminds us of the own beginnings and the preciousness of children in the lives.

As the sun continues to rise, guests move into childhood with the “Time of Your Life.” Here, in a child’s mind, time is non-existent — only play, fun, and friendship matter. Disney characters brim with youthful joy as they celebrate this carefree stage of life, with plenty of toys, color and laugh-filled moments. Watch Wendy and Peter Pan frolic through Never Land, Anna and Elsa build a snowman in Arendelle, and little Simba revel in youthful naivete before learning to be a king in the Pride Lands.

As the sun rises high in the sky, guests see Disney characters grow from children to young adults. They take their first steps on a bigger journey, leaving what they know behind, to find who they are meant to be. “Time for Change” celebrates the turning points in guests’ lives, reminding them of moments in their own journeys where they took a leap of faith to “Try Everything.” These acts of self-discovery set them on new paths and ultimately change their lives. In this scene, guests will live the moment with Moana as she sails across the ocean to find herself, struggle with Judy Hopps in Zootopia as she tries to excel in every way possible, and witness Hercules discovering his power and finding his roots.

Romance is in the air as the sun sets to twilight and guests watch Disney characters fall in love in “Time Stands Still.” Remembering how special a first love is, as Jasmine and Aladdin ride a magic carpet through the starry night sky, Eric and Ariel almost share their first kiss on a little boat in a lagoon (with Sebastian’s help!), and Rapunzel dives into love under the glow of a thousand floating lanterns. From shy flirtations to soaring romance, guests are reminded that love, in itself, is a journey.

Just when everything seems calm and steady, life throws challenges and obstacles into guests’ paths and they must face the “Test of Time.” Disney characters are tempted and pressured by villains to change their course and give up on their dreams. Dr. Facilier lures us into the shadows with sinister charm, Scar uses his sharp claws to take over the Pride Lands, and the Evil Queen tempts Snow White with her signature poison apple.

But in the darkest moments, Disney characters commit acts of heroism to save the day, bring back order, and allow them to make their dreams come true. Stepping out of the darkness and into the light, Disney characters embrace their true destiny. In this triumphant moment, guests are reminded that they too, have the power within themselves to take control and change their fate, to stand up against evil and fight for good, and to find true love and never let it go.

Through all the ups and downs, with different people guiding us on the right path, there are always those who inspire us along the way. The “Time to Remember” scene is a stirring, emotional moment for the audience to reflect on their own mentors and guides as guests watch the Disney characters’ stories. Just as Miguel is inspired by his great-great-grandfather, Hector, and Russell and Carl offer life-changing support to each other in “Up,” guests all have special people in their lives who look out for them and empower them on life’s journey.

With guests’ journey almost complete, they transition into a brilliant finale: a celebration of all the moments that define Disney characters’ lives. Filled with inspiration, we see characters empowered to live a life full of adventure, love, and friendship. The music and lyrics poignantly capture the journey guests have experienced and the moments they have shared, delivering an inspirational encouragement to “Live the Moment… Love the Memory.” A life is the sum of all its many moments, each momentous experience living in their hearts and shaping them into who they are meant to be.

An original song “Love the Memory” has been created specifically for this spectacular: a soaring anthem encouraging guests to celebrate life’s many memorable moments together and to live each one to the fullest. In an ever-changing world, guests are especially reminded to take time to appreciate their families and loved ones, and to treasure life’s joyful moments and finally look forward to the encouraging future ahead for all.

“Momentous” seamlessly brings multi-sensory experiences together to create a breathtaking, never-before-seen nighttime storytelling experience, from a world-class international and local team.

The stunning combination of effects work together like a choreographed “performer” in their own right, adding texture, expression and excitement to the whole production. Various techniques are used such as projection mapping technology, choreographed fountains, illuminated water projection, lasers, theatrical lighting, pyro and firework effects, breaking new ground and setting new standards for multimedia performances at Hong Kong Disneyland.

For the first time at Hong Kong Disneyland, large scale projection mapping technology will be used to bring the Castle of Magical Dreams to life. Watch in amazement as the Castle’s features are highlighted and transformed into parts of the story as the narrative unfolds. Look out for the Castle’s many transitions throughout the show; see the Castle tower transform into the iconic Big Ben, as Peter and Wendy fly off to Never Land, and watch out for the Castle even morphing into towering trees with dangling vines. Guests will also witness the Castle change from being frozen in ice and snow to a haunted Castle. Through the windows of the Castle, guests might even spy the silhouettes of Disney couples in a candlelit glow.

The beautiful fountains in the moat in front of the castle will encompass the likes of a “choreographed dancer,” exhibiting beautiful movements coordinated with the animation, lighting and other effects. Water fountains will reach soaring heights up to 80 feet and echo the show’s central story themes of life as a flowing journey, timelessness, change, challenge and beauty.

In addition to the fountains, water will also be a visual theme in the projected media, giving guests an exciting new visual experience.

Lighting and lasers are important storytelling tools in the show. These tools are used to help add moments of pulsating excitement, and at other times, graceful romantic beauty to the entire storyline.

Each lighting fixture is individually programmed to “perform” in harmony and coordination with all the other elements – helping to transform the Castle of Magical Dreams into a shining beacon during the show. The lighting designers worked closely with visual media artists to coordinate a cohesive color palette and emotional tone to convey the central message.

Laser technology is used to create pixie dust-like sparkles of magic, as well as the feeling of being underwater, further expanding the show’s audience outreach to project over guests’ heads on Main Street, U.S.A.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video below.

With the launch of “Momentous,” the park will become the most magical and not-to-be-missed iconic nighttime event in the city. Adding even more magic, guests can enjoy several splendid experiences to enhance this extraordinary evening out, including:

  • An all-new dessert buffet at the Starliner Diner before the show begins. Guests will enjoy a 1.5 hour free flow desserts and beverages, plus a spot at the reserved viewing area for the “Momentous” after the sweetest meal. This package starts at HK$458 (US$58.35) for adults and HK$328 (US$41.79) for children.
  • A new picnic experience on the Disneyland Hotel lawn. Guests can extend the magic at the hotel and get the “Starlight Picnic” and Admission to “Momentous” Special Viewing Area Package. Not only will they enjoy the spectacular in a reserved area, but also they’ll have a picnic while watching Disney movies with a Disney-themed picnic basket before going to bed. Packages start at HK$880 (US$112.11) for two people.

Guests can also turn memories of this spectacular into souvenirs by purchasing the special series of light-up merchandise items and T-shirt with reflective color effect in park and hotel shops, some items can be personalized as well, allowing everyone to relive an unforgettable night of light, laughter, and love.

Image source: HKDL Fantasy @hkdlfantasy
Image source: HKDL Fantasy @hkdlfantasy
Image source: HKDL Fantasy @hkdlfantasy

“Momentous” encourages everyone to celebrate each stage of life and cherish being together with loved ones. It is a reminder that every momentous experience lives on in guests’ hearts, and shapes them into who they are meant to be.

The show is set to debut in mid-June, although an exact date wasn’t revealed. Are you excited about seeing “Momentous” on your next trip to Hong Kong Disneyland? Let us know in the comments below!

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