Ethan Hunt Caught Running Illegal Taxi Service at Disney Springs

As Walt Disney World cracks down on unlicensed cabs, one driver was caught trying to pick up tourists even though he didn’t have a valid driver’s license and had a long history in court for his bad driving.

That driver, who is named Ethan Hunt (yes, like Tom Cruise in “Mission: Impossible”), was arrested on April 6 for driving with a suspended license, according to his arrest report.

Around 10:30 p.m, Hunt pulled into Disney Springs’ rideshare lot, driving a white Ford Crown Victoria with his “Taxi” sign lit up. He was waiting to pick up passengers, but he instead caught the attention of an off-duty sheriff’s deputy working at the shopping and restaurant complex.

“Disney is private property, and off-duty deputies have been directed to tell ‘gypsy’ cabs to leave the property,’” the deputy wrote. The slang term refers to an unlicensed taxicab picking up passengers illegally on the street.

The deputy put on his emergency lights and drove over to Hunt. The deputy asked for Hunt’s license, registration, and proof of insurance, as well as his Orange County business license to operate a taxicab and passenger insurance for operating a taxicab.

Hunt, 32, of Orlando, didn’t have any of that.

“His driver’s license was canceled indefinitely December 17, 2018, and had multiple suspensions, (including) a failure to appear on a traffic summons,” the arrest report said.

His Ford Crown Victoria was towed, and Hunt was taken to jail.

Hunt wasn’t new to being trespassed from Disney Springs. It happened in August 2016, the arrest report noted. So Disney issued him a new trespass warning that night.

Hunt, who is scheduled to appear virtually in front of a judge next week, has pled not guilty, according to Orange Circuit Court records. The law office representing him declined to comment on Tuesday.

In more than two dozen incidents in Orange County dating back to 2014, Hunt had been caught speeding, not stopping at traffic lights, not yielding to pedestrians crossing the street off International Drive, driving with a suspended license, and not having insurance. He was once pulled over for driving 56 in a 35-mph zone in downtown Orlando, leading to a $279 ticket in 2017.

He had been involved in at least two car crashes, according to a pair of lawsuits that Hunt or his medical provider filed. Most recently, in March, the city of Orlando ordered Hunt to pay $220 after he was caught picking up passengers without a chauffeur’s license near the Amway Center.

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