Guest Urinates Off Boat into Ride Water at Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland

A guest urinated off the boat into the ride water at Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland, according to TikTok user Christina (@xtinabell). Christina was stuck during unexpected downtime on the classic attraction.

Watch the video below or find it on TikTok here.


@hollyjeanmadison here’s That one time we were stuck on Pirates! Thank you Disneyland for getting us off safely💙 I promise to not pee on your rides. 😉#disneytiktok #disneyadults

♬ original sound – Christina

The guests were stuck for a while and the Fire Department arrived to help. However, at one point during the downtime while the lights were on, one guest lowered their pants and urinated into the water. The incident occurred on a previous visit but Christina posted the TikTok in April.

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  1. Great. Now the water is going to smell like pee…. unless they have cleaned it already in which case no harm done.

  2. Really? That’s news you feel you need to report? I have followed this site for many years and what it seems to becoming in the sake of garnishing more Ad revenue is very sad.

  3. Knowing the water, it was probably an improvement, not that I’m defending her. I hope she was seen on camera, then was removed and banned.

  4. Seems reasonable on the part of the guest; not wanting to pee into the boat.

    No one paid to go to Disneyland to be their captive.

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