REVIEW: Choose Your Destiny With 5 New Unique Lightsaber Eclairs From Amorette’s Patisserie at Disney Springs

To celebrate May the 4th, Amorette’s Patisserie at Disney Springs is now selling lightsaber-inspired eclairs.

Lightsaber Eclairs – $8 each

Each eclair is $8 or you can get a box of all five for $32.

The box slides open.

The lightsabers on top are just white chocolate, but each eclair has a different flavor corresponding to the color of the saber.

The same dough is used for each. It’s light, airy, and baked well. Each eclair has plenty of filling and they all have different colored rock candy on top.

The rock candy is just pure sugar and doesn’t add much beyond aesthetics.

The red eclair is dark chocolate and cayenne.

It is exactly what it says, with a good balance of dark chocolate and spicy cayenne at the end.

The cayenne lingers but it’s not unbearable by any means.

The dark chocolate is rich, but not too sweet. It’s like natural cocoa.

The blue eclair is green tea matcha-flavored.

The color and flavor of this one is just off.

You get the taste of matcha but it’s the artificial powder kind. It tastes bad.

It mostly tastes like icing coloring and it stains everything.

We’ll pass on this one.

The purple eclair is blueberry, raspberry, and cherry.

You get the raspberry taste first, followed by cherry. The blueberry is subtle, but detectable.

The fruit flavor is fresh and tastes naturally sweetened.

This one is a winner!

The green eclair is pistachio.

You get pistachio but as an aftertaste and it’s not salty.

The sweetness of the cream is more prominent here.

It’s a pretty color, but not the best choice if you’re going for flavor.

It’s not bad, but we would choose something more unique.

Finally, the yellow eclair is pineapple and passionfruit.

This tastes exactly like pineapple!

The passionfruit flavor comes in on the tail end, but you definitely need to be a pineapple fan for this one.

The pineapple tastes fresh and sweet.

This one is really good and probably our favorite!

After the pineapple eclair, we liked the blueberry and dark chocolate ones best. Overall, these are a fun treat but there are more intriguing desserts at Walt Disney World. These could also get a little heavy during the day but might be a good dessert at night.

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