REVIEW: New Character-Themed Bubble Waffle Sundaes Pop Up at Marketplace Snacks in Disney Springs

After Aristocrepes closed at Disney Springs, Marketplace Snacks began offering bubble waffles. Now, they’ve expanded their menu to include five distinct bubble waffles inspired by Mickey and his friends. So we ventured over to Disney Springs to try them all!

Marketplace Snacks is across from Marketplace Co-Op, on the edge of the lake.

The bubble waffles are made fresh to order in the waffle irons.

Mickey Cookie Waffle Sundae – $8.99

Vanilla soft-serve, hot fudge, cookie crumbles, and white chocolate crisp pearls

The Mickey sundae uses Oreos to create the shape of Mickey’s ears. It has a small red candy bowtie, too.

All of the bubble waffles have little Mickeys all over them, which is cute.

The waffles are not as crispy as we would like though.

This tastes like real vanilla ice cream, not like fake soft serve.

The sundae is a classic combo of vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, and Oreos.

The crispy pearls and chocolate Pocky sticks add a nice crunch.

This gets messy fast. It was already melting from the fudge before we had it in our hands.

You will probably want napkins for all of these sundaes, but especially the ones with hot fudge.

There’s a good portion of ice cream and you could definitely share with a friend.

Minnie Sweet Strawberry Waffle Sundae – $8.99

Vanilla soft-serve, strawberry topping, sliced strawberries, and white chocolate crisp pearls

This is the same vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce.

Again, the bubble waffle could be crispier because it gets soggy with the ice cream.

It’s super photogenic but you need to act fast.

The Minnie bow is white chocolate and the Pocky sticks in this one are strawberry.

This one was spectacular, with the fruits giving it a fresh taste.

One bite of warm waffle, cool ice cream, strawberries, and crunchy Pocky works really well and nothing is overpowering.

We do wish that there was a bit more strawberry sauce or finer cut strawberries so the bottom isn’t just ice cream and waffle.

We really enjoyed this, and highly recommend it to anyone passing by.

Goofy Peanut Grand Waffle Sundae – $8.99

Vanilla and chocolate swirl soft-serve, hot fudge, peanuts, sliced bananas, sliced strawberries, mini M&M’s, and a cherry on top

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The Pocky sticks in this sundae were chocolate and Goofy’s hat was white chocolate.

This one was the most reminiscent of a classic sundae.

The nuts were sprinkled on top but they were few and far between further into the sundae.

The M&Ms made their way to the bottom while it melted.

The toppings were cute but there were only a couple of pieces of strawberry and banana.

This one is another yummy, photogenic dessert. We would recommend this one if you are a fan of classic sundaes.

Donald Lemon and Blueberry Waffle Sundae – $8.99

Vanilla soft-serve, lemon curd, and blueberries

This one is the most interesting between the lemon curd, blueberries, Pop Rocks, white chocolate medallions, and strawberry Pocky.

All of the elements work together but there is a slightly artificial taste, mostly due to the lemon curd.

The blueberries provided a nice hit of freshness.

The Pop Rocks added a touch of extra fun to each bite.

This is more unique, but if you’re looking for something fruity, we would reach for the Minnie sundae over this one.

That said, if you’re looking for something new, this is a great option.

Pluto Peanut Butter Waffle Sundae – $8.99

Chocolate soft-serve, chocolate-covered pretzels, peanut butter sauce, and milk chocolate crisp pearls

This one is topped with a couple of white chocolate bones and it’s definitely for chocolate lovers.

It’s good but heavy. In fact, it’s so rich that it might be too much on a hot summer day.

There’s no break from the richness. We think some fruit would have helped with that.

Given the peanut butter sauce, you also have to like peanut butter to enjoy this one.

If you want a bit of chocolate or nuts, we recommend the Mickey or Goofy sundaes over this one.

It’s still good though if you really want a rich, chocolatey snack.

All in all, while none of these are particularly terrible choices, we highly recommended the Goofy and Minnie versions depending on what you’re optimizing for.

Which bubble waffle sundae would you choose? Let us know in the comments!

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