VIDEO: Nazis Fly Swastika Flags Outside Walt Disney World Entrance

Nazis gathered outside an entrance to Walt Disney World yesterday, flying swastika flags and yelling at guests through a megaphone.

Stop Antisemitism, an organization dedicated to advocating against Antisemitism in the United States, posted a video on Instagram of the Nazis. At least two of the people were holding the Nazi flag.

The swastika flag is the symbol of the Nazi party, most famously associated with Adolf Hitler and the mass genocide of Jewish, Romani, LGBT, and disabled Europeans during the Holocaust. Though the reason the Nazis gathered outside Walt Disney World is unknown, the United States is one of a handful of major countries that allows for the Nazi flag to be flown. However, Walt Disney World is private property, and reserves the right to remove anyone at will.

MSN also reported that the Nazis were outside Walt Disney World on the night of Saturday, May 7, as well.

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    1. It would seem appropriate at this time to avoid a rush to judgement. Only a few months ago Lincoln Project did a similar false-flag operation in the Virginia governor’s race and we all remember Jussie Smolette’s criminal hoax hate crime.

      The people in the photos appear to be wearing face coverings even though the vast majority conservative Floridians have distain for them. One person appears to be dressed similarly to many ANTIFA personnel. Perhaps these ‘demonstrators’ are not supporters of the FL Governor.

      Perhaps some facts will come out after the perpetrators are revealed for who they are.

    2. This has nothing to do with Florida. These are hate groups. Don’t be stupid we walk into disney and they are all lgbtq+ and very open. They live in Florida. These hate groups ARE NOT FLORIDA

      1. Indeed, these are hate and fear oriented people. What remains to be seen is if they are misguided left wing morons or right wing misguided morons. It would be good for Disney to stay out of politics, focus on providing excellent, profitable products and services and not provide motivation for morons to do exceptionally radical things.

  1. Okay that is just sick. I hate Nazi’s. They killed millions of Jew, people with disabilities, and other people who they considered inferior. If they think this is right then they are wrong. What are they doing here.

  2. That’s horrifying. Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right.

    Completely unacceptable, hope these people can be identified and revealed to their employers and local population.

    And don’t get me wrong, I find Disney to be a terrible company, but this stance is far worse than anything Disney has ever done or not done.

  3. This is unfortunate for the Orlando area economy. Folks like myself will continue to come to Walt Disney World Resort many times each year no matter what, but have now cut all off-property hotels and off-property spending at restaurants and shops from the trip.

    The Disney property itself is generally considered a safe space and is private property, so I would still go and just not leave the property. There is a very heavy security presence and undercover detail there, and so no need to fear these types of goons.

    1. Let’s hope an army of them don’t come and overwhelm the guards. That would be horrifying

  4. Oh and heres a fun fact In February, DeSantis refused to condemn a Nazi rally in Orlando that took place over the weekend, claiming that those asking him to condemn it are trying to “smear” him. Sometimes tells me something is off with him. Isn’t he aware of the genocides the Nazi’s did before and during WWII.

    1. I’m curious, when Neo-Nazi demonstrators with swastikas and ‘National Socialist Movement’ protested Florida Gov. DeSantis calls Nazi rally participants ‘jackasses,’ which indeed they are.

      Please explain, what about that is not condemnation?

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