Disney Files Lawsuits Against Orange County Property Appraiser

According to Florida Politics, Disney filed ten lawsuits against Property Appraiser Amy Mercado last week over the property taxes of various Walt Disney World resort hotels in Orange County, Florida. This is not the first lawsuit of this nature Disney has filed. Disney claims the taxes are “excessive”, and wants to have the taxes they have already paid refunded, plus legal fees.The lawsuit also argues that the method for calculating their property taxes violates the Florida Constitution. Disney sued former Orange County Property Appraiser Rick Singh a number of times, disputing the valuation of its hotels and theme parks, and some of this litigation goes back to as early as 2015.  Disney has already paid the taxes In question, and hopes to recover the disputed amounts. 

The resorts in question include guest favorites such as: Disney’s Polynesian Resort, the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, as well as the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista, which leases the property from Disney.

Wyndham hotel Disney Springs area.

Disney has previously been successful in similar lawsuits, including a recovery of nearly $8 million in July of 2021.  Disney has made no comment as to what they believe the fair values of the disputed properties are.

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    1. Loose means to loosen something. Lose means to not win. Graduate from the first grade, already, especially before touting off an ignoramus response to something you also know nothing about. Cheers!

      1. Cool you’re so great that a likely autocorrect upsets you so much that you attacked them totally ignoring the topic. I’m sure it gets you internet cool points like that bully who used to beat you up for fun thought they were cool.

        Welcome back to grade school behavior while telling others to graduate pay it.

  1. lol. I’d love to see Disney fight property taxes… “No no no. Look at how much depreciation the property has gone through in the last few years.

  2. Seems Disney has forgotten that they burned their bridges with our state when they fought to keep sexually explicit teaching in elementary classrooms. They most likely will not be winning any more suits of this nature any time soon.

  3. Appraisal values are relative to what someone would be willing to pay. If there wouldn’t be a buyer at the amount that OC says, then it should be lower.
    In another state, the property valuations on my house were so out of line that I was trying to get an ordinance passed that would require the city to purchase at the appraised value if the homeowner decided felt the valuation was excessive. Of course that raised a lot of hackles because they would have a wave of people wanting to sell at the overstated value. Obviously it didn’t pass.

  4. Please temper your comments about Disney after you recognize how much tourist tax revenue and sales tax they contribute from tourist spending. Also, The U.S.Supreme Court recognized in the Citizens United decision the right of corporate freedom of speech WHICH DID NOT INCLUDE freedom for government to be vindictive if the company’s views differ. America is best when all points of view are protected from government bullying.

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